Design Downloadable | Mood Board
  • Own your visual style. A mood board is a visual display that you use to bring your ideas and concepts to life. It is the most effective way to convey the visual direction you would like a project to go. Working as or with a creative person, we somehow need to be able to convey what it is we see in our mind and get the message across to whoever we are working with on the concept or to get really clear ourselves.


    From designing the look and feel of a brand, a website, your social media and your content mood boards are the most effective way to share your creative concepts with your co-creators.


    What does it include?
    • What is a moodboard and when to use it
    • Our favourite tools to get you inspired
    • What you need to get started
    • 3x example moodboards from TLSE
    • 3 x PSD and PDF templates for Instagram, Pinterest and an A4 version for whatever you are creating


    For personal use only.

    Design Downloadable | Mood Board