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Upgrade your 2020 wardrobe to a 10 out of 10!

Summer is well and truly on our skin and it’s time to start getting seriously sensible. Take stock with these ten summer essentials to keep your skin safe and your social life savvy so you can enjoy the great outdoors in safety but above all, with style.

1. A fabulous hat

What: Yorke Sand wide brim straw hat

Why we love it: Made from recycled paper straw, Will & Bear ensure ten trees are planted with each sale of this classically styled unisex summer staple. Oh, and they look good on everyone too!

Where to get it: Buy online at Will + Bear

How much: $99

2. A banging beach umbrella

What: Summer Deck beach umbrella

Why we love it: The secret weapon for a perfect day on the beach, a good umbrella will literally save your skin. Laze beneath soft stripes of terracotta on the beach, at the park or on your deck. They come with a cute matching carry bag too!

Where to get it: Preorder online at Sunday Supply Co

How much: $249

3. The perfect basket

What: Akora bag

Why we love it: Now this is slow fashion. Whilst every basket in the world is made by hand, Tanora baskets are created using Madagascan ancestral handicraft techniques, produced ethically and sustainably. This glorious example is half basket/half tote and made with raffia that is pruned, rather than cut from palms to ensure minimal disruption to plants.

Where to get it: Buy online at Tanora.

How much: $119

4. Waterproof speaker system

What: UE Boom 3

Why we love it: This little take-anywhere speaker is the size of a water bottle and your new best friend. Allowing you to pump out your summer soundtrack wherever you go for up to 20 hours, it's waterproof, dust proof and drop proof. Download the app and pair with your friends’ speakers for spectacular surround sound in open air. Boom!

Where to get it: Buy online at Ultimate Ears or go here for stockists.

How much: $199.95

5. A stylish slip-on shoe

What: Gentle Massage Sandal in Black

Why we love it: Stepping back in time to revisit an Australian icon, Masseur has reinvented this classic and comfy foot friend. Truth be told, we’re a little on the fence style-wise but the massage factor definitely ups the ante.

Where to get it: Um, your local chemist!

How much: $56.99

6. A new swimming cozzie

What: Wallflower boyleg and bralet bikini

Why we love it: Retro floral meets future-thinking technology in this cute cozzie that packs a punch for both fashion and the environment. Made from a nylon created from 100% regenerated ocean plastic, it’s very Charlie’s Angels!

Where to get it: Buy online at Peony

How much: $258 for both

7. A floaty dress

What: Beach club maxi dress

Why we love it: Floaty and fabulous, this voluminous frock is the epitome of summer style. Black and white stripes hit a nautical note, whilst soft frills gather and flatter in all the right places.

Where to get it: Buy online at Rays for Days

How much: $145

8. Sensational sun screen

What: Sensitive Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50+

Why we love it: Hands up who actually hates slathering on sunscreen?! Uh huh…. This lightweight lotion provides super-effective, sheer coverage and is made by Australians who understand what it’s like to live through an Aussie summer. Cute, old-school bottle too!

Where to get it: Online at We Are Feel Good

How much: $27.95

9. BB Cream

What: Off Duty BB cream with SPF15+

Why we love it: Ticks all the boxes of what your summer face needs – BB cream is an all-in-one moisturiser, sunscreen and correction cream to protect and balance your skin tone. Throw it in your summer tote for a daily skin boost on the go.

Where to get it: Buy online at Mecca

How much: $20

10. A signature summer cocktail

What: Gin Grapefruit spritz

Why we love it: A sexy, summery twist on our favourite spirit mixer, this light and lively cocktail came to life in the TLSE studio with our fabulous new Soda Stream sparkling water maker.

Where to get it: Make it yourself at home with Soda Stream

How much: from $79.95


WORDS | Diana Moore, TLSE

PHOTOGRAPHY | Supplied, TLSE, Angelo Pantazis, Ethan Robertson and Monia Grabkowska on Unsplash



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