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Second up in our get to know us series, we have our very own PR and strategy extraordinaire: Fiona Keogh. When she's not madly building a brand from the ground up, Fi can be found browsing Spotify as our resident DJ. Fi has many a year of public relations expertise under her belt, working for some seriously high end brands. We're blessed to have her wealth of knowledge at TLSE! Keep reading as we chat about what a day in the life looks like for her.

[TLSE] What’s the best thing you do day to day?

[Fi] I love having the opportunity to work with so many amazing brands, to reimagine their business and get into the soul of who they are and what they can be.

How does your role vary day to day?

I spend a lot of time with everyone in the team talking with them about their clients and what we can do to do things smarter or add a fresh new approach to them. I am also talking to potential new clients, and I love learning about new business. Some days are full of meetings, some days are full of brainstorming, and some days are getting deep into the soul of a business and building a strategy for them. One thing that never changes is that Heidi and I talk a lot about everything business related and a little bit of family and life in there as well.

What’s been the steepest learning curve in your role so far?

To understand ad metrics and spreadsheets - but I try really hard!

What is the most rewarding part of your role?

Hearing from a client that they love their brand strategy and that it has really helped them with their business.

What’s one crucial thing you do when trying to work out what kind of strategy a brand needs?

Ask for their elevator pitch. If they can tell me who they are, what they do and who their target audience is in a sentence or 2, I am very impressed and know we are off to a great start. When they start to waffle or don’t even know where to start, I know I have some work to do.

Love hearing what Fi had to say? Stay tuned for our next 5 minutes with session!


WORDS | Lucy Francis, Fiona Keogh



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