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Is this current heat streak leaving you feeling anything less than rosy?

At TLSE we're finding ourselves longing for that fresh faced feeling, and it seems we may have just stumbled upon the holy grail.

That being Jurlique's iconic Rosewater Balancing Mist, assisting our skin with some ~ much needed ~ post-holiday hydration. Matched with it's natural rose fragrance, Jurlique's limited edition mist transports you into the botanical fields of Adelaide Hills, South Australia.

With the combined fragrance of four unique Roses, this Balancing Mist not only clarifies your skin tone but leaves it radiant and glowing. It invigorates your senses with that rich and reminiscent feeling of Spring.

Not to mention, each Rose used is picked at it's peak and then concentrated through Jurlique's unique 3-step extraction process, before then being paired with their natural-based formulas. This process allows the mist to continue defying expectations on what is possible, simply from the use of natural ingredients.

It's a winner in our eyes, with Jurlique's Rosewater Balancing Mist set to have a permanent presence in the TLSE office year round.


Start your own romance with Jurlique's, here.

Curated by Georgia Tyszkiewicz, TLSE


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