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While trends may come and go, the power of colour is here to stay. The colours you fill your home with are vital to the atmosphere you want to create, so explore your way through Adairs' new and carefully curated Colour Dictionary and discover ways to breathe new life into your interiors.

As the leaves turn this Autumn, embrace vibrant hues to set a new tone for your home. Whether you're pairing terracotta with timber, or blush with tiles, get inspiration to create your perfect space from Adairs' refreshing collection of homewares.

ACCENTUATE & WARM with Terracotta & Clay

Create a warm atmosphere in your home even after the summer weather fades by incorporating terracotta and clay tones into your decor styling. Whether you keep it soft with blush pink accents, or add a dimension of sleekness through cool greys, adding these earthy hues in soft textures like velvet will amplify their warmth.

BEAUTIFY with Nude Pinks & Warm Neutrals

If you're feeling like your home needs a touch of softness, nude pinks and neutrals are the perfect way to lighten up your space. At TLSE, we're all about keeping things light and fresh (and we love pink) so naturally we feel right at home with this palette.

Pairing blush pinks with neutral tones allows you to incorporate a sense of comfort and serenity without being overpowering, so it's the perfect way to freshen up your decor without changing it entirely.


In the spirit of Autumn, rejuvenate your space by turning inwards and reconnecting. We value well being and self love, so bringing an element of nature into the home through olive tones is the perfect way emulate an atmosphere of wholeness and calm.

Our Pick?

We love to make a statement here at TLSE, so our top pick is softening bold terracotta tones with neutral blush accents. Why not take a risk and warm your room in more way than one this Autumn? The carefully curated colour dictionary makes styling your home and giving it a fresh feel easy!

Check out the colour dictionary here and get some inspiration to make your home your ultimate sanctuary.

Happy browsing!


WORDS | Brittany Ross

IMAGES | Adairs, Flaunter



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