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An Ode to the 90s, Lara Worthington's new Collection with Atoìr has landed

Aussie Model and National Treasure Lara Worthington, previously Lara Bingle, is well known for many of her endeavours. Getting her first big break as the face of the Australian Tourism campaign"Where the Bloody Hell Are You?", Worthington has since added many strings to her bow, including Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, Mother, and now Fashion Designer having recently released Part 2 of her 4 part collection 'Release 01' with Australia-based fashion label Atoìr.

Atoìr by Lara Worthington is a nod to nineties nostalgia reimagined for the modern individual, featuring gender-neutral silhouettes, sleek lines and asymmetric detailing. On collaborating with Worthington on the collection, Atoìr Creative director Cynthia Farchione sought to emulate the 'Share The Base' founder's effortless yet elevated style,

"We wanted to make the collection slot seamlessly into Lara's personal wardrobe, which consists of a mixture of cool and classic investment pieces that pay homage to the nineties."

She continues, "Her go-to pieces are a hybrid of enduring minimalist looks that are functional, easy to wear, and can be dressed up or down — a sartorial mentality that aligns perfectly with Atoìr’s brand philosophy."

An ode to perennial power dressing with a modern twist, Atoìr by Lara Worthington comprises classic and oversized tailoring, which sits alongside romantic silk slip-dresses, figure-hugging bodysuits, miniskirts and sheer panelled basics. Colourwise, bold electric greens, rich aubergine, brick red, and pale citron complement a solid colour palette of vanilla, sand and black. Worthington explains:

"For day-to-day, my style tends to be a touch more on the masculine side, so for all parts of the collection, I sought to fold in the naturally feminine elements of Atoìr with my own aesthetic, bringing the sartorial characteristics together."

“Different stereotypes have always inspired me. I like the tomboy, sexy secretary, the punk, the biker, the goth, the club kid. What’s interesting about stereotypes is that people can easily relate.”

While Worthington lives abroad, the creative process behind Atoìr by Lara Worthington was entirely collaborative, with Worthington and Farchione agreeing from the beginning that both would be involved in all phases of the operation. Due to in-person limitations, most of the pair's work took place via zoom meetings and through the exchange of countless DHL parcels. Once garment shapes were decided, Atoìr sourced fabric variations and sent them to Worthington for final selection before commencing construction. Farchione reflects,

"Lara has been very involved in every part of the design process, from the garments to the concepts relating to swing tags and packaging to campaign imagery ideas. We were lucky to meet Lara in Australia earlier this year, where we created the campaign imagery alongside an amazing creative team."

Atoìr by Lara Worthington, Release 01 | Parts 1 & 2 is available online and at select retailers now.



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