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We are always looking for any excuse to online shop, so you can imagine how much that desire to browse page after page of online shopping has peaked since #WFH started. S-kin Studio Jewellery are breaking through the noise of the online shopping world with their star-sign inspired jewellery - and we are ALL. ABOUT. star signs at TLSE! It's easy to get the #WFH blues, so what better way to spend your break than browsing the S-kin Studio Jewellery's beautifully crafted pieces?

The new Zodiac Collection is a unique take on the classic astrology necklace; each pendant is hand-engraved with a tarot card style design. (Which reminds us, make sure you're keeping an eye out on our stories for Heidi's card readings!). With a unique constellation engraved on the reverse side of the pendant, you can switch up your style depending on how you're feeling! If you're looking to make the piece even more unique, you can add additional small charms with a moon sign, rising sign, or even the sign of a loved one. Whether you're treating yourself or looking for something to give someone special, the Zodiac Collection makes personalising easy!

We love their unique take on something everyone has - a star sign!

“We asked what our community wanted to see, and we made it. That’s how much our customers’ relationships mean to us, and our brand,” - Creative Director Chi Mai 

Now more than ever, it is so important to support local business - and every part counts. Ethically produced using tarnish-resistant 9 Karat gold fill, S-kin's jewellery is highly hypoallergenic, lightweight and perfect for sensitive skin types. Through creating jewellery with long lasting materials, S-kin does its part for a more sustainable industry solution.

Keep something truly sentimental close to your heart, and browse the collection here today!


WORDS | Brittany Ross


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