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Creative Conversations

Brought to you by Hidden Sea Wines

Creative Conversations is our conversation series that works with our Rosé Friday IGTV and podcast. Get a snapshot of some of the amazing conversations we have here and you can jump over to our podcast or our IGTV channel for an extended chat to get to know guests even more.

Sarah Grace & Kiyomi Booth | Butt'ne


Who are you and what do you do?

We are Sarah & Kiyomi, the duo that came together with a passion for the beauty industry and helping people feel their most confident and empowered selves to create professional-strength active skincare for all of your booty bumps!

Best career advice you have ever received?

Sarah: No one is you and that is your superpower! Use your uniqueness to your advantage

Kiyomi: We all start as beginners. Just start!

Worst advice you have ever received?

Sarah: Always play it safe

Kiyomi: You’ve got to work around your clients.

What is one thing we should invest in for our business?

Sarah: More about Tax, BAS and GST! I now have an incredible accounting firm that takes the stress away from that side of things! I wish I had done that from day 1.

Kiyomi: It’s a long game & you will doubt yourself more than anyone will ever see. And that coffee is liquid gold.

What is your favorite part of your day to day?

Sarah: Absolutely making people feel confident in their skin through treatments, coaching and now our very own corrective skincare line - of course also cuddles from my little ray of sunshine who's 4 this year

Kiyomi: The parts where I forget I’m stressed. Chatting to my sons after school, hearing about their day & when they’re asleep (hahaha). I love them so much & want to wake them, but just stare at them instead and feel all the love for them #creep

What was an unexpected joy of creating your business?

Sarah: Being able to do it with an amazing partner! Kiyomi and I complement each other in so many ways and our joint goal is to bring confidence back to everyone suffering from body acne. We have enjoyed watching our individual talents come together and create something so powerful and effective. I am constantly in awe of her ability to bring our vision to life.

Kiyomi: Yes! I never expected to have a business partner like Sarah and a skincare brand at that. Woah – I’ve never thought of it like that until right now, I am so proud of us. Amazing!

Leave us with some words of wisdom?

Sarah: Get help when you need it - don't be afraid to not know all the answers. When it comes to social media and websites, I'm at a complete loss. With my salon and BUTT’NE, I soon realised I can't do it all and I should really focus my energy and attention on the things I love and am passionate about. By making the most of your talents, and investing in others, you will be much more likely to create the best your business can be.

Kiyomi: Don’t compare yourself to others. Just use what you see from them as markers to improve or reach your goals – but never compare. Just keep going. Progress is progress, it’s only when you stop that you fail.

3 words to live by for 2022

Sarah: Dream the biggest!

Kiyomi: Sleep on it.


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