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Gin & tonic - a classic cocktail that infuses botanicals with the bitter sweetness of tonic water that's loved by many. Indeed, we ourselves are fans of a bit of a tipple in a Gin & Tonic on a Friday or Saturday afternoon. We are also fans of anything small batch and boutique, so naturally when the two come together, we're in heaven.

Set amongst the lush greenery of the Byron Hinterland region, Cape Byron Distillery has become something of a community cornerstone. Within the distillery sits Brookie's Gin, producers and hand crafters of high quality gins that use locally sourced botanicals. And guess what? They've just come out with their very own pre-mixed Gin & Tonic with Native Finger Lime.

100% natural, low in sugar, delicate, and most importantly, pre-bottled and ready for consumption, it's a very easy, big YES from us.

“If you’ve made the hike to our distillery in Byron Bay, there’s a very good chance that you’ve been treated to our signature G&T garnished with Native Finger Lime. We love it, you love it, so we thought, ‘Hey – why not bottle the flavours of the rainforest to be enjoyed conveniently anywhere around Australia’. And bottle it we did! If you haven’t had the pleasure yet, let me just say that you’re in for a real treat,” says Eddie Brook, co-founder of Brookie's Gin.

With a custom, dry-style tonic, the crew behind this masterpiece have used 50% less sugar than leading brands, letting the unique flavours of the gin shine through. And if that wasn't enough, the gin used is distilled with 17 native ingredients and there are no nasty additives or fake sugars. Win, win!

"...for a space renowned for loads of sugar and fake flavours, we wanted to change the game and bring an unrivalled level of quality and taste. We like to think we’ve created the Goldilocks of G&Ts - not too sweet, not too dry… but a little sipper that’s ‘just right'," continues Eddie.

Want to get your hands on some? Grab a four pack for $27.99 from the Cape Byron Distillery website, or most leading retailers.


WORDS | Lucy Francis, TLSE

IMAGES | Supplied



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