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Edenvale release New Canned Beverages

There has been a definite shift in recent years, with more people cutting right back on their alcohol consumption or completely quitting altogether. Perhaps this change in attitude towards boozing can be attributed to society placing more value on health and mental wellbeing than ever before, or maybe the growing movement of the non-alcoholic lifestyle can be credited to the increasing range and ever-improving taste of alternatives available. Just a few years ago there wasn't a great deal on offer for the non-drinkers among us, being limited to little more than soft drinks, the occasional LLB, or water, but now there are whole sections at liquor stores dedicated to non-alcoholic wine, beer and spirits. And now, Australia’s favourite alcohol-removed beverage brand has once again expanded its range with two new innovative ready to drink flavours.

Edenvale’s new convenient, single-drink cans house Sparkling Cuvee and Aperitivo Spritz; bold and delicious classics which are set to delight and refresh. Designed for those who want to enjoy an adult beverage without the effects of alcohol, Edenvale has curated flavour notes that are comparable to their alcoholic counterparts.

These premium non-alcoholic drinks offer the same complexity and variety as regular alcoholic drinks, but are more adaptable to our ever-growing active lifestyles. The Sparkling Cuvee (AUD $16.99 per pack) offers a delicious sparkling wine that is clean and refreshing on the palate, with rich fruit flavours balanced by zesty acidity.

A classic favourite housed in a convenient single serve can that can be brought to your party, picnic or sunset drinks. Excitingly, moving beyond just wine, Edenvale has created another canned classic; Aperitivo Spritz (AUD $17.99 per pack). This delicious alcohol-free spritz tastes just like its alcoholic counterpart, with notes of citrus, spice and floral blossom coming together to create a refreshing, sophisticated sip.

Already anticipating a hit, Edenvale is already looking to expand the range to bring more of consumers’ favourite flavours to them in this easy-to-drink format.

These new products also feature a change in style for Edenvale’s branding, featuring a light, slimline can with a modern design that will transport you to the Amalfi coast.

Ideal for taking with you on social outings, this new range will be your new go-to drink. Ready for every occasion under the sun, the new Edenvale cans are sure to please

Edenvale Sparkling Cuvee and Aperitivo Spritz are stocked online here.



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