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“Opposites are not contradictory but complementary"

At TLSE, we know that opposites attract, and we love playing with contrasting objects, textures and designs to create something a little bit different that stands apart. Among the things we are loving at the moment? Designer Elliot Bastianon's latest furniture collection, Mochi.

An embodiment of functional art, Mochi stands as testament to the strength of combining opposing forces to create a harmonious masterpiece.

Mochi experiments with the fluidity of form against the geometric rigidity of a solid framework, playfully indulging in the contrasts between soft and hard, malleability and structure.

"Mochi came about from two separate ideas that were developed alongside each other. One was to explore forms that had a highly repetitive, geometric nature and the other was how to include a sense of movement or material interaction."

The timber cradles the upholstered pillows in a protective embrace; its modular grid aesthetically lends itself to a limitless number of formations to suit your interior design desires, whether it be for your office or home. The sculpturally inspired armchairs, lounges and booths provide a secluded sanctuary in the midst of a chaotic world, and who doesn't need that from time to time?

Elegant and quietly powerful, the range encapsulates the perfect balance between two antagonistic forces.

Mochi is available in a range of fabrics and leathers exclusively through DesignByThem.


WORDS | Rebecca Chu



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