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Beauty without the Botox

Between the mounting pressure to look our best and the array of warped and disfigured faces we are seeing lately, the chicks at TLSE are feeling slightly disturbed and looking for alternatives to embrace our age, our skin and our beauty regime.

We have come up with the most amazing collection of beauty products on the market to keep you looking fresh and ageing gracefully without the Botox!

They say beauty is on the inside, and with Beauty Chef "GLOW" you can take care of business from the inside out. Anyone looking for an essential daily beauty blend to improve gut health and support skin rejuvenation; GLOW Inner Beauty Powder is your product. This daily beauty blend, containing 24 Certified Organic, bio-fermented and probiotic superfoods is designed to support gut health, collagen synthesis and give you beautiful glowing skin, hair and nails - beauty from the inside out!

There are facial products on the market now that do just about everything for you - apart from washing the dishes!

They Hydrate, moisturise, radiate, brighten, reduce inflammation, firm, soothe, regulate, you name it, they do it.

If you're only going to splurge on one thing in your routine, make it good skincare. Short term pain in the pocket for long term gain. Trust me, in 15 - 20 years you will be thankful that you made an effort.


WORDS | Heidi Albertiri



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