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Although the difference between 2020 and 2021 comes down to a mere change in time and date, it goes without saying that there's some undeniable optimism and a definite "vibe" that come with hitting that 01.01.[INSERT YEAR HERE] mark.

Perhaps you've vowed to eat more vegetables, track your savings better, see your friends more, try yoga, stop texting your ex. Whatever it may be, there's just a whole lotta new coming at us from left, right, and centre. Of course, it's no different in the world of business - and believe us, there is a LOT of information to wade through to really find those golden nuggets of know-how that are actually useful. Especially in the already over-saturated world of social media.

So, in a world of "newness", we're here to spell it out simply for you so you can leverage your social media platforms as best you can and really kick some goals in 2021.


Think of Instagram as your number one storytelling tool. Depending on your offering and audience demographic, your IG presence can play an even more important role than your website. While beautiful content has always ruled this primarily visual platform, 2020 saw the rise of longer-form captions with much more authenticity and personality than we had seen previously.

But what will 2021 hold? With the introduction of Reels, the value of video content on Instagram is well and truly on the rise. Apart from allowing us to share authentic content, Reels also presents an opportunity to break through the algorithm in a way that static posts, IGTV, guides, and stories can't. Why? Because Instagram is prioritising Reels content, meaning you're getting your brand in front of more eyes. It's a no brainer!

Authenticity will also continue to shine through via personal anecdotes, little to no image editing, and the use of UGC (user-generated content), and we'll be seeing more movement (think GIFs) and carousels for information sharing.


Facebook hits that sweet spot between Instagram and LinkedIn, where you can splash out a mix of informative and educational, lighthearted or viral, and personal content - the perfect mix of business and pleasure. While Facebook doesn't tend to introduce new features or change its interface as frequently as Instagram, there are still some changes to watch out for and trends to keep in mind when building your strategy for 2021.

Like LinkedIn, 2020 saw the use of the live stream feature increase by 26.8%, and it's a stat that seems to be on the up and up! Similarly, video content for digital marketing is having its moment in the sun, with fun and eye-catching ads ruling the platform and grabbing the attention of users. Remember - over 90% of people on Facebook watch just 2-3 seconds of any video, so the key thing to look out for is ensuring your videos capture attention and hook your audience in straight away.

The number and popularity of interest-driven communities in the form of Facebook groups are also among the facets predicted to rise. Already, there are more than 10 million groups on the platform used by 1.4 million people globally, presenting a fantastic and simple way for your business to access a new potential target audience. And while we're on the topic of niche interests, it has been predicted by some researchers and communities that we will see hashtags begin to make an appearance on Facebook, making it easier to funnel your posts and reach interested and already engaged audiences.


LinkedIn is your business driver. It's your opportunity to connect with other businesses and potential clients and position yourself as a leader in your area of expertise. With over 706 million members in 200 countries and territories, 2.9 million niche industry groups, and among the world's top 10 fastest growing brands, it's fair to say that while perhaps previously thought of as Facebook and Instagram's "bland" counterpart, LinkedIn has got a lot to offer.

While it has always been a platform for education, fostering professional relationships, and information sharing, as Business Insider's #1 trusted social media platform, we're predicting that LinkedIn's influence in the business realm will continue to go from strength to strength. Outside of sharing informative content in the form of blogs, research, "how-to"s, and company updates, we're seeing that like everywhere else, video content is on the rise - especially in the form of live streams.

LinkedIn could also be a great advertising avenue for your business to explore, with brands who advertise on the platform perceived to be 92% more professional and 50% higher quality.

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WORDS | Lucy Francis, TLSE



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