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As arguably one of the most stressful days, weddings are notoriously tricky - and wedding planning is an acquired skill. We had the chance to chat to the wonderful Vanessa from the Wedding & Events Creators to pick her brain about the ins and outs of wedding planning. From business building tips to her favourite extras, Vanessa gives us a look into her day to day life as a wedding planner.

[TLSE] "Tell us about your business, what does a day look like in the life of a wedding and events planner?"

[Vanessa] "Wow, definitely full on, often stressful and very crazy! We tend to work insanely long days starting early morning with setting up, through to the later evening with coordinating and managing the wedding and pack down. Being a planner is definitely not like the movies with heels, a dress and a headset! Its often completely unglamorous, up ladders, setting up in 40 degree days, managing weird family dynamics and back up weather plans- but we still absolutely love the buzz that comes from planning and executing a wedding day, there is nothing better."

What was the biggest struggle when building your business?

A business has to constantly evolve, you can't remain stagnant but have to move with the times or be left behind, it often means you are constantly having to be a step ahead of new trends and predict the next thing in the industry. I find this industry is moving quicker and quicker as couples see Pinterest-worthy images and you have to do your best to stay on top of it. Also staff - I get a perfect team combination...then someone gets pregnant and I'm back to square one!

When it comes to planning a wedding, the costs can start stacking up pretty quickly. What are your top things to splurge on, and where do you think people can save?

As a couple, write down your top 3 non-negotiables for your wedding and have this for in your mind from the outset, whether that be catering or florals etc., and when making decisions on what you will splurge on always come back to your original must-haves. It's easy to get carried away on the extra and forget what was important to you. In my opinion, having a killer band, amazing food, great lighting and lots of booze are the main elements to a fantastic wedding.

It’s all in the details; what are some things that make a wedding extra special that can sometimes be forgotten?

Lighting and candles! It's all about creating a vibe and ambiance. You don't have to have an insane budget for massive florals or huge wow factor aspects, but paring it back to at the minimum and making sure the lighting and lots of moody candles are on point will do wonders.

Favourite spot you’ve ever organised a wedding for?

I am from the South Coast of NSW, so I adore all the venues we work with down here. They are often so laid back, overlooking farmland, ocean and bushland and just lend themselves to the best wedding weekend location. I do have a soft spot for Seacliff House in Gerringong (it's in my home town!) and also Worrowing in Jervis Bay - we work at both properties a lot. Plus, you can't go past a private property wedding, the sentimental value and personal aspect of having a wedding at your family property is always so beautiful and reflects into the wedding day too.

What’s the biggest trend this wedding season?

Great question! Trends definitely tend to stem from Pinterest and Instagram. What is generally trending across both home styling and these online platforms seems to be what people want for their weddings too.

Using natural styling elements is still most definitely on trend - think using dried florals and palms, bamboo and jute seating and rugs. I also am definitely vibing a more minimalist/industrial look at the moment - pops of blacks, marble, whites and geometric shapes and more of a minimalist edgy feel to the styling. I love both looks!

Whether you're planning your own wedding or simply looking for inspo - The Wedding & Events Creators are seriously worth checking out! Browse the website here.


WORDS | Brittany Ross

IMAGERY | Wedding Events & Creators



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