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More so now than ever, we’ve been encouraged to enjoy our local landscape rather than venture overseas; and what beauty Australia has to offer. So, with this new mindset, why should this be any different to selecting finishes and furniture? With increased difficulty securing items in stock, we’ve gladly been encouraged to look on local shores with the added bonus of supporting local business during these testing times.

For various reasons, it is often assumed that purchasing from overseas can be more convenient, especially given the online retail market. Too often, many people have the mentality that it can be cheaper and sometimes even quicker. However with that said, like fast fashion, these items might not be as durable or long lasting. More importantly, they don’t always have a story behind them and this is what makes a piece of furnishing that little bit more special - whether it be for your home, office or retail space. The team at Strutt Studios strongly believe that an interiors space should be carefully curated with bespoke items that emulate a reflection of yourself for your home or your brand ethos; corporate company, retail or hospitality project.

Whilst understandably it might not be the most economical solution to have every item uniquely bespoke, nor are all pieces expected to evoke some sort of emotion or resonate storytelling, so the approach of selecting a hybrid of pieces can really make a difference to the overall feeling of any completed space. The approach of selecting a handful of key pieces ensures greater appreciation and thus in turn, the desire to retain these items for longer rather than just be trend.

With so many local designers and artisans to follow, it’s easy to get lost amongst them all, particularly in the world of social media. To assist, we’ve narrowed down some favourites and included a snapshot of some suppliers that have been used in previous Strutt Studios projects. The offering is varied and can be suited to all budgets; but more important they offer unique selling points whether their company and brand focus is on sustainability, the ethical sourcing of materials and work labour, hand crafted, family run and operated or their charitable work.

As an individual or company, knowing what is important to yourself can be reflected in that special piece of furnishing or art. At the end of the day, it isn’t just about trend, it’s about quality and longevity and the story behind each piece, so like with any great overseas holiday, treat yourself and enjoy a splurge, because why not enjoy that special something daily.

Featuring Kintore Pulls & Carlisle Pulls by Lo & Co, custom Half Hurdle Chairs by Dowel Jones and Navigator Table by Tuckbox Design

Picture: Caitlin Mills Photography.

Featuring Bean Bags by Koskela

Picture: Phu Tang Photography.

Featuring pink velvet Kelly Chairs by Jardan

Picture: Kristina Soljo

Featuring Folding Shelves by Lightly

Picture: Phu Tang Photography.


WORDS | Amira Nahas, Strutt Studios

IMAGES | Strutt Studios



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