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Introducing the two newbies on the (affordable) Aussie art scene...


What do you do with all your travel pics when you get back from your vacay? Most people will keep them on their phones, tiny squared memories to be swiped through every now and then in moments of extreme wanderlust. Some people upload them to albums on Facebook or Insta. Some people go all out and make a keepsake photo book to remember their good times.

And some people, like Jackie and Martin, of Compass & Kaleidoscope, set out - with not-much-clue but a whole lotta passion - to turn their happy snaps into a small business.

Having just returned home to Sydney after an epic year and a half living out of a 28ft motorhome in the United States and Canada, stylist Jackie, and her husband, Martin, have turned their travel pics into a series of limited edition affordable photographic prints. The creative couple recently launched their website/shop with a small selection of playful prints, and more artworks are being added as we speak.

Jackie has a keen eye for aesthetics, having worked in the interiors sphere for several years. When going through all their shots - as you can imagine there were a fair few! - and deciding on those that would make the cut as prints, Jackie and Martin were ruthless in their culling. It had to be something they would hang on their own wall.

“We had a few things we wanted to achieve when we set out to make this hobby a business. The first was to be able to offer affordable prints on beautiful paper stock. All of our artworks are printed here in Australia on archival quality premium photo paper.

Secondly, we wanted to provide art without pretension. We chose images that aren’t at all stuffy – they can be styled to look awesome in ANY modern Australian home. That said, we don’t want EVERY Australian home to have the exact same piece... which is why we chose to only offer a limited 50 editions of each our prints in each of the sizes.”

Though the geographic locations vary (beauty abounds from both sides of the equator), as do the subjects of the images (landscapes, architecture, animals and textures all feature), the curated selection has a universal appeal, which the duo hope will speak to people “from all over this big, beautiful blue ball.”

You can check out and purchase online at



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