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Dreaming of sipping cocktails on an island far, far away? The Bawah Reserve's Elang Private Residence can make your dream a reality! With it's spanning shores and turquoise waters, this island is calling your name. Opening in May, The Elang Private Residence is one of Indonesia's most exclusive, off-grid resorts. Being the second of six islands in the Bawah Reserve to be transformed into a resort, the Elang Private Residence is equipped with brand new amenities and facilities.

Whether you're looking to book a single lodge (or the entire island!), the Elang Private Residence is the perfect place to unwind, decompress and relax. With complimentary spa experiences each night (crazy, right?), this resort is the definition of 'island time', and will have you living in a real-life dream.

Our team tries to always be conscious of living sustainably and understanding our impact on the planet, so the sustainable ethos that the Elang Private Residence is built on really does make it the ultimate vacation destination in our books (just when you thought it couldn't get any better, right?). The residence is designed to fit seamlessly into the natural topography of the island, so you can really experience and embrace the natural landscape.

"Developed with the discerning earth-conscious traveller in mind"

If you're looking to get away but not entirely off the grid, the island is also equipped with Wi-Fi, so you can disconnect without being out of touch entirely. If the ocean views and tropical landscape weren't enticing enough, the resort offers a vast amount of activities, amenities and facilities.

With complimentary yoga, pilates AND meditation classes to choose from (right up our alley), it is impossible not to feel grounded at the Elang Private Residence. Featuring 6 cliffside lodges, each room has butler service (I know, right?) and access to a guest-only clubhouse. Here at TLSE, we understand the everyday hustle and bustle of life demands that we put self-care on the back burner. So what better way to give yourself a well-deserved break than on the sandy shores of Indonesia?

Reward yourself for your hard work, and decompress while you overlook the turquoise waters from the salt-water infinity pool!

About the Bawah Reserve

The Bawah Reserve embodies an earth-driven philosophy with a refined appreciation of elegance and luxury. With 36 sustainably made suites across the reserve, the Bawah Reserve offers an exclusive, private island experience in a remote and untouched part of Indonesia. With three lagoons, thirteen beaches and three-hundred hectares of forest land, the Bawah Reserve is bursting with life.

Show yourself some TLC and treat yourself to a well earned break at the Elang Private Residence located in the Bawah Reserve.


WORDS | Brittany Ross

IMAGES | Elang Private Residence, Bawah Reserve



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