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More than two years ago, Jeuneora founder and CEO Monique Kaminski headed out to a local bar with coloured pencils and a sketchbook in tow. Over a few cocktails, and with the help of creative director Rebecca Haining, it was there that Monique dreamed up her first-ever skincare line.

“I wanted square packaging and really exciting formulations — that’s where it started. The look of the products is pretty true to what they are today. It's been a really fun process and now it’s about to land here in Australia,” Monique says of the launch.

Jeuneora’s skincare line kicks off with The Essential Seven: a coterie of seven skin-loving products which are designed to support the health of the skin’s microbiome and are suited to all skin types. This was Monique’s modus operandi from the outset — to suit a wide variety of consumers with a line of NZ-made, premium skincare that’s super gentle on skin but active enough to still be efficacious.

The addition of vegan and cruelty-free skincare preludes Jeuneora’s two-fold approach to beautiful skin: supplementing from the inside while caring for the outside by twinning Jeuneora’s line of skin-loving supplements with its new skincare.

“It’s about looking after the health of your skin microbiome and your barrier function – we didn’t want harsh products that weren’t going to suit all skin types. It’s been tested for all skin types, even sensitive skin.”

Like most new product developments, the journey to launching Jeuneora Skincare wasn’t without its challenges — especially considering most of the hard work was done amid last year’s COVID-19 lockdowns. With the business having contingencies in all of their time frames, the Jeuneora team was realistic about when things would be ready.

“It’s lucky we have a background in manufacturing,” says Monique, "We knew what to expect because we were used to it. Any delays we were having with the skincare we were experiencing live with our supplements.” We can't wait to get our hands on the beautiful packaged and ethically created range!


IMAGES I Courtesy of Jeuneora



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