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Superstar stylist and photographer Kara Rosenlund believes that our homes and how we live within them have deep emotional value. We couldn't agree more.

Kara's latest Style Guide is available through her website – lucky for us, she shares some practical tips below from the guide.

"Home is where we relax, connect and create memories with family and friends – our walls are the backdrops to these moments. To have my photographic prints part of daily memories is incredibly sentimental," says Kara.

Kara's photographic collection includes beautiful scenes taken around Australia, such as the countryside, beaches up the north coast or local beach scenes in Bondi. Within all her photographs, Kara has a talent for making us feel that we're right there with her, in the moment. The sentimentality she captures in her breathtaking scenes become personal and we are instantly connected. "I love transporting people elsewhere and creating a form of escapism. We all need that more than ever right now," says Kara.

Once we have a collection of out favourite prints, displaying art within our homes can be tricky, which is why we've asked Kara for her tips, which she has shared below.

"Through sharing how I live with my photographic prints within my own spaces, I hope to give inspiration and practical tips so that everyone has the confidence in their selections and can continue making a beautiful home that they love," she says.


1. Instead of using a traditional bedhead above your bed, a horizontal print hung above a queen or a king works perfectly as an artful approach and sets a calming atmosphere within your room of rest. I always recommend ocean and coastal prints for the bedroom.

2. Extra large framed photographic prints aren't just to be hung on the walls. I love displaying large scale works ‘on the lean’. This way they feel more like pieces of furniture and less permanent, and you can move them around from room to room when you feel you want to refresh your space.

3. Use repetition by hanging the same size pair of photographic prints on the walls side by side. The impact immediately creates a gallery feel to your space. I call these ‘companion pieces’. A pair of vertical works sets such an artful tone to any home.

I have created this style guide to help choose a photographic print for any room in your home that you wish to evoke a feeling of comfort. We all know what a considered home feels like. It makes us happy and puts us at ease.

We love Kara's prints so much that we recently used them in our Stay.Casita project - a home for shoots and stays

So if you are lucky enough to visit you can experience her beautiful works first-hand.


IMAGES I Kara Rosenlund

WORDS | Hande Renshaw



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