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Sprinkle in these Better-than-Fairy-Dusts for extra vitality.

A super-concentrated, long-listed powder is a necessity when whipping up a smoothie or shake. Spiking your liquid snack (or meal, depending on your powder picks’ heartiness) and packing it with maximum goodness seems like straight up good advice, so we did a little digging to find the best potions devoted to improving wellness.

Whether you’re after a nourishing, nutrient-packed boost or a little help for your digestive tract, there is inarguably a magic dust for every concern and inclination. Tailored to specific goals, here are our top five. 


For Energy and Vitality:  HUM Nutrition Raw Beauty Green Superfood Power

That dreaded 3pm slump often has us reaching for sugar, caffeinate, lollies, or on a bad day, all three. HUM Nutrition set out to eradicate the need for those health-compromising fixes, while providing a delicious and nutritious energy-boosting alternative. Bursting with organic green superfoods, antioxidants, adaptogenic herbs, fibre, a full serving of fruit and vegetables and digestive enzymes, it’s safe to say this is one powerful pick me up. Available in a truly delicious range of flavours, Tahitian Vanilla Berry and Mint Chocolate Chip Infusion are mainstays, while limited-edition renditions currently on the menu include Coconut and Pineapple Tropical Infusion and Gingersnap. 

For Gut Health: Supercharged Food Love Your Gut

As a certified holistic health coach, hatha yoga teacher, author and whole foods chef, it’s safe to say Supercharged Food founder Lee Holmes knows what’s good for your gut. The Love Your Gut powder, formulated with food-grade, organic, fresh water diatomaceous earth, this mineral-rich raw whole food encourages a healthy PH balanced environment. Also full of calcium, magnesium and iron, fatigue is reduced, while energy and metabolism are regulated. Thanks to Holmes’ chef background, a tasty ‘Heal Your Gut Lassi’ recipe is suggested: simply blend together a frozen banana, ½ cup of coconut yogurt, 1 cup of milk of your choice, 1 tablespoon of Heal Your Gut Powder and a pinch of cinnamon. Whizz together until combined and enjoy! 

For Complexion Radiance: The Beauty Chef Glow Inner Beauty Powder GLOW ADVANCED

Imagine you could sprinkle on some magic, and POOF! — your skin became the glowiest and most radiant and healthy it has ever been. Well, that’s exactly what The Beauty Chef’s newest and most potent powder does, and with serious gusto. With 20 years of research behind them (!), The Beauty Chef’s unique and ultra-effective bio-fermentation process increases the blend’s organic, supercharged nutrients’ bio-availability for maximum absorption. 24 supercharged and mega powerful ingredients aid in synthesis collagen in the skin, promote skin renewal, protect the skin from free radicals and help prevent premature ageing. Fun fact: Dunaliella salina, an ingredient in the blend, contains more than 6000 times the antioxidant amount found in spirulina, and is responsible for the pink flamingos’ pink hues and natural glow. 

For an Alkalizing Effect: THE SUPER ELIXIR

Iconic for her nickname The Body (and for her actual body), Elle McPherson leaves little to be desired. Pairing up with Nutritional Doctor, PhD Dr Laubscher, McPherson launched the Super Elixir because “The body doesn’t always recognise and absorb synthetic vitamins. As a result, our bodies reject them — fluorescent pee anyone? THE SUPER ELIXIR greens supplement is created from natural wholefoods, plants and herbs for easy uptake at a cellular level,” explains Dr Laubscher. Formulated with an impressive 45 alkalising ingredients from horsetail to repair tissue and bone strength to dandelion to detoxify, nutrition and pH balance are restored. Snap up a sleek and limited-edition silver caddy to house your greens powder in this season, thanks to artist Jasper Dowding who gave it a chic metallic makeover. 

Vita-sol — For a Mega Nutritional Anti-Aging Boost

This brand-new nutritionist developed range of powders support slow-aging with multi-active concentrated, nutritionally-dense formulas. Infinity Wholefood, designed to offer cell support for healthy aging, protects cells from free-radical damage thanks to ingredients like sacha inchi, organic Jerusalem artichoke heart and organic beetroot. Flexibility Wholefood helps keep joints, skin and hair healthy by supporting cartilage and bones with vegan-friendly ingredients like organic mushroom vitamin D2, organic turmeric and calcium, while Purity Wholefood aids in liver function with gut-loving ingredients like milk thistle, green kiwi powder and wheatgrass. 


Words,Aimée Wice, TLSE Health and Wellness Contributor / @amouraimee

Photography, Heloise Love


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