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Here at TLSE, we care about making changes to be more sustainable and lessen our environmental impact. That's why MILOU MILOU's Linen is the perfect bespoke bedding alternative. Made from 100% pure linen, MILOU MILOU is customisable and made to order, so no fabric goes to waste.

Freshen up your bedroom and breathe new, sustainable life into it by building your set of duvet covers, pillowcases and separates in vibrant solid or stripe shades. The thing that had us sold? The option to create a two-tone duvet cover or pillow case - so you can change up your bedding as you please.

The collection embodies founder Sophie Gandar's vision of transforming the way the world thinks about bedding through incorporating sustainability into design, while keeping it simple and stylish. Made from flax, the linen is both renewable and durable, and gets softer with each wash - the bed sheets that keep on giving. Whether you're looking to keep cool in the summer or stay warm and bundled in the winter, the thermoregulating properties of the sheets are the perfect all year round solution!

MILOU MILOU is passionate about its environmental impact, working closely with Shopify integration and 'One Tree Planted' to support reforestation and reduce its carbon footprint. The bedding company is also plastic free in its operations, and uses compostable packing only - so it's all pleasure and no guilt!

Why we love it:

1. We are always looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact, so switching to sustainable bed sheets is the perfect change to make in 2020! With the wide variety of customisable colours and sizes, MILOU MILOU makes being environmentally friendly easy and beautiful.

2. Founded by Sophie Gandar, MILOU MILOU represents female entrepreneurship, which, being an all-women team (and an awesome one at that), we value highly here at TLSE. The creative optimism and determination that MILOU MILOU embodies paired with its commitment to environmental sustainability makes it more than just a stylish bedding company.

What better excuse to treat yourself to some new bedding than by doing something good for the environment?

Create your personalised duvet with customisable colours and sizing, and feel good while doing it.

Start browsing the new collection here


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