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With autumn upon us (can you believe summer is over already?!), Dulux has released its Autumn 2020 colour predictions - and it's looking like warm neutrals and tonal layers are the go.

The palette designs follow calming and nature-inspired tones that focus on simplicity and authenticity - something we could all use now and then to slow down our constantly busy lives.

"We've seen a much more tonal palette coming through this year...the bold colour contrasts of previous years have made way for subtle layering of natural hues."

Andrea Lucena-Orr, Dulux Colour and Communication Manager

We fell in love with the 'Grounded Palette', one of the four palettes identified in the forecast, titled 'Essence'. Featuring a combination of gentle, earthy neutrals and warm whites with accents of soft coral and lavender (right up our alley), the palette brings forward a contemporary edge while remaining chic. The blend of soft, grey neutrals and terracotta accents makes it cosy and inviting, while the putty and biscuit tones keep it airy and light.

"A cosy space such as a bedroom is a great place to start your colour adventure," continues Lucena-Orr.

Stylist Bree Leech explains how colour can be the perfect tool to reinvent your home, and completely transform the look and feel of any space. Not only is it stylish and effective, it's low effort and inexpensive - something we can all appreciate!

"When you're choosing a palette, it's best to start with one main colour, which you can use across large expanses, such as walls, then a supporting hue and one or two accents," - Bree Leech, stylist

Start your own transformation by following these simple styling tips:

Go Tonal

Choose one main colour as your base for larger expanses and subtly layer with a supporting hue, and one or two accents (perfect for large walls and vast, empty spaces). This is the perfect way to add depth to a room without over decorating it!

Keep it Simple

It's easy to get carried away with decor, but fight the urge and try your best to avoid over doing it. Colour can go a long way, so always remember: less is more!

Celebrate Natural

Keep imperfections like swirls and veins in a timber floor - it adds character, and ties in seamlessly to the overall look.

Embrace Curves

Curves and rounded edges can break up the harder lines within the room, and is great for softening the space if you're going for a darker toned palette.

Create a Focal Pain

Every room needs a stand-pout piece, so whether it's a decorative chair or a statement artwork, keep the room interesting and choose a hero piece to build the room around.

Get Textual

This is the TLSE team's personal favourite tip! What better way to make a room interesting than some must-touch textures? Materials like rich weaves and velvet are perfect for upholsteries and fabrics, and add depth while keeping the room simple without making it look too busy.


WORDS | Laura Baehny

IMAGES | Dulux



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