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Whatever you choose to call it, it seems to be popping its gorgeous head up everywhere. My Instagram feed is full of it and I couldn’t be happier.  When I see these colours, I’m reminded of the ‘harvest gold’ coloured appliances of the 70s, the bold organic patterned wallpaper mixed with oranges and browns.

To me, mustard exudes a happiness and sense of freedom and epitomises the cult interior design style of the 70s, evoking such happy childhood memories.  Yes I know, I’m showing my age.. It’s fun, warm and inviting. It can be used to liven up spaces by adding that pop of colour to an otherwise neutral palette.

Likewise, it can be used to calm a space and connect colours. Here is what some well known and loved Australian lifestyle brands say about their use of this evocative colour in their products.



“We don't believe that mustard is a trend - we've always loved it's earthy but bright sensibility! Mustard is here to stay!”

I say, ‘Yes to that’!

See how Pop and Scott have cleverly mixed their, oh so comfy looking, Dreamer Couch in ochre with their dreamweaver bell pendant, in chartreuse, against a neutral backdrop, adding some greenery for texture and contrast. And in the bedroom the dreamweaver starburst pendant, also in chartreuse, adds excitement and takes centre stage in a wonderfully earthy palette.



Rachel Castle from Castle And Things says “Butterscotch as a colour to me is CRUCIAL in all the artworks and bedlinen ranges we create. Bizarrely, it works like grey marle in that it connects the warm and cool colours in our palettes in a way that no other colour does. It means you can use big pops of colour without them looking like a primary palette. It calms everything down. It allows the big personality colours to sing. Like day and night, it highlights the sunshine". 

Rachel has used this colour brilliantly, in the soft furnishings and artwork, as an accent to tie all the wonderfully different colours together. The butterscotch adds a real touch of whimsy to these inviting bedroom settings.

Don’t you just want to dive right in?



Haymes Paint has just released it’s Artisan Collection: a family of ultra-premium finishes designed to create the perfect imperfection. This Collection offers a diverse range of tactile finishes which will add natural and subtle beauty to any environment.

Wendy Rennie, Haymes Colour & Concept Manager says “Haymes Artisan Collection Mortar is a malleable finish that has an earthy textural matt appearance. When using the product externally, a beautiful characteristic of the finish is that as it matures, it gives an aged look and feel adding to the authenticity of the product within its surroundings”.  So, it makes perfect sense that Haymes would choose to showcase this tactile finish with “Rich Clay”, a lovely, warm and inviting mustard colour.

Painting the entire wall in Rich Clay and styling with bright yellow or soft pink provides a wonderful but very subtle contrast. It allows the wall to take centre stage without overwhelming.



“We love the evocative nature of colour. Mustard was selected, in a velour fabric, as it is bold, rich and indulgent. Mustard provides a contemporary elegance to the classic shapes of our furniture".

I love how Arro Home have paired their Nexus Sofa in mustard and the Ellipsoid lounge chair, also in mustard, with soft pink and dark maroon to create such a sense of luxury and warmth. They are not afraid to mix bold and soft colours together and have created such interest with their choice of organic shapes and straight lines.


Being the lightest hue of the spectrum, yellow (and all it’s shades, including mustard) is uplifting and illuminating. It offers hope, is cheerful and fun. So whether you use a lot or a little, why wouldn’t you splash it around your home?

Where will you use mustard, saffron, butterscotch or gold in your home this season?

Words, Libby Williams/@the_style_principle 



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