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New Fave Restaurant Alert -Khānaa

Watch out Surry Hills, there's a new kid in town. The Khan family’s most anticipated venture Khānaa is here to wow Sydneysiders and my tastebuds are not disappointed. Khānaa is avant-garde Bengali cuisine. It's a stylishly modern take on distinctively traditional fare.

Aloo Pakora with buffalo curd and bloody shiraz caviar

Internationally renowned Chef Opel Khan is celebrating his childhood memories with this humble homage through this one-of-a-kind restaurant. The presentation of the food is modern and combines traditional flavors, techniques, and ingredients with contemporary culinary concepts and presentation styles yet it's rooted in tradition with a beautiful amalgamation of aesthetics, innovation, and respect for the rich culinary heritage

The young dynamic chef duo of Chef Lucinda Khan and Chef Jazz Singh are going to shake up the

culinary scene of Australia with their flair and dynamism. They have curated a unique menu displaying

harmony and balance with Chef Khan with a focus on premium produce and then paired skillfully with wine and spirits locally sourced from different regions of Australia.

“Cooking Is a craft. I respect The Past, I believe In The Present, And I’m Looking Forward to The future

Opel Khan

The interiors support the modern take on tradition and with the open kitchen buzzing with orders, delicious smells, and the sound of teamwork, it builds the anticipation of what is about to come.

Watermelon and Tuna + Lime

Khanaa is located in Sydney’s vibrant Surry Hills neighbourhood, the doors are open and ready for you to visit. Shop 3,335 Crown Street, Surry Hills. (next door to Bills)



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