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Winter leaves our skin dehydrated, so maintaining your skin's dewy appearance this season is the dream.

Read on to find the perfect product for you, all of which are milk based for that extra hydration boost.


Zoella Beauty brings you a gloriously fragranced Bath Latte. Both a luscious bath and shower milk, this product will leave your skin soft and supple and smelling sweetly of cacao, honey and sweet almond.


If you suffer with dry skin then the Douche Frappe Shower Shake form L'Occitane is the one! Showers will now be a highlight of your day as you cleanse, hydrate and nourish your skin with Almond milk and oil. This gem of a product is free from sulfates SLS and SLES, parabens, formaldehydes, mineral oil and is vegan, gluten and cruelty free!


This Milk Cleanser is perfect for that end of day relief, removing your makeup and impurities whilst deeply moisturising all the while protecting and working in harmony with your natural skin's balance.


Relax with Lavanda. A long hot bath is just what the Doctor ordered in this chilly weather. Indulge in natural essential oils and medicinal plant extracts that are released in the water and the air. It will protect your skin from drying out and will promote sleep and peace in times stress. It's a naturally derived product that contains no preservatives, dyes, synthetic perfumes, substances or petrochemicals. It is also suitable for vegans.


Their new collection is here and it smells divine! Rich in organic almond milk from Spain and Community Trade honey from Ethiopia, Here are three products from the Almond Milk & Honey range for the perfect self care routine! Start your ritual with the Bath Milk. It's a soap-free shower gel that promises not to strip your skin of moisture or interfere with your skin's natural pH.

Phase two should be the Exfoliating Scrub which is a creamy and gently exfoliating delight. All dead skin cells will be banished leaving skin smooth and silky. Last but by no means least is the Almond Milk and Honey Body Yogurt. Applying this to damp skin fresh from a bath or shower with provide 48 hours of moisture without feeling heavy or sticky.


Repair Nourishing Milk: this milk will boost your skin's complexion making it look healthier and glowing. Made up of Olive, Sesame, Sweet Almond and Jojoba Oils for a deeply moisturising treatment. Best to apply on clean skin or after serum, this is great to utilise for all skin types, day or night.


Take The Day Off Cleansing Milk is incredible at doing exactly what it says on bottle! It will remove heavy duty makeup and even sunscreens with ease via cotton wool or water.


Lait De Beauté Beauty Milk is an exotic fusion of grape seed oil and shea butter that will soften and feed your skin delicately. It Has a subtle flowery fragrance, leaving you smelling sweetly of peonies.


OI All In One Milk : If your hair is need of some serious shine, then this hydrating milk is for you! Not only will it tame that frizz, but it promises to detangle and soften those luscious locks! This product is suitable for all hair types too, so everyone can benefit! Travel size is also available.


Revitalising Body Lotion: Two powerful ingredients in this potion are Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil which have natural bacteria killing elements. They also work together to improve the skin's elasticity with Safflower Seed Oil, to calm and moisturise. Caffeine, black pepper and Guarana stimulate blood circulation, revamping the skin and help to assist in the treatment of muscular aches and pains.

Body Scrub: No skin care routine is complete without a fabulous exfoliator and this is the one that you have been searching for! Coconut Shell and Rosehip Oil ensure that smoothing and cleansing is a breeze, revealing a glowing, smoother feel to your skin.

Body Oil: This happens to be one of our favourite products in this line! It's an easily absorbed oil that helps to combat stretch marks, scars and uneven skin. It's made up of several vitamins, essential oils and plant extracts that all sustain the skin and calming Lavender will relax you after perhaps a sometimes crazy day.


Finally in our list of must haves is The Infused Lotion from LA MER. Their famous miracle broth has been included within this potion so that you are not only hydrated but reducing the appearance of ageing! Long term results include a radiance to your skin that is stronger and nourished.


Styled and Photographed by The Life Style Edit.

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