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The TLSE gals are all about reinstated pieces - slow fashion is of course good for the environment, but we can't deny that we love the cool-as vintage factor too, where old and new worlds collide and intertwine. So naturally, we can't get enough of Ottway The Label's collection and the way it pays tribute to the narrative of true vintage.

Founded in the Victorian coast of Australia, Ottway The Label is a company are makers of timeless unisex for story tellers. Created in the footprints of two spirited foot voyagers, Ottway The Label is rooted in a deep respect for nature, exploration and tradition, with each piece in every collection designed with this in mind. With every piece made from 100% premium quality cotton, Ottway The Label is dedicated to paying tribute to the narrative of true vintage in a sustainable and respectable way. With every piece having a unique story to tell, Ottway The Label cuts new shapes from old traditions with clothing that is designed to last.

We've said it once, and we'll say it again. We totally understand and support the importance of investing in sustainable changes, and are always looking to support brands that share this passion. Ottway The Label's mission is to create clothing that is timeless in more ways than one. Committed to creating clothing that can be handed down from generation to generation, Ottway The Label moves away from fast fashion, using natural fibres built to last.

The fabrics are sourced from a family owned business of artisans committed to meeting these quality standards. Ottway The Label breathes new meaning into a collection that embodies exploration by embracing their ability to globally source their production process, and intertwines this traveller lifestyle in more ways than one.

Not only are the pieces unisex, they are season-less too! Enjoy Ottway The Label's clothing all year round - for many years to come!

Our Top Picks

The R&G Mustard shirt is one of our favourites! Named after the two brothers who created yellow mustard, this shirt pays tribute in more ways than one. This corduroy take on a seemingly simple shirt is the perfect oversized look, and great for all year round! The combination of the mustard yellow is a modern twist on the classic design of the shirt, and will have you feeling like you've stepped into a time machine (in the best way possible!).

Another classic shirt that we simply adore is the Whistler shirt in cream and navy. This stoic, seafaring shirt is the epitome of a story book figure. Made from 100% Ramie cotton, it is made with a revere collar - the perfect vintage take on a classic design!

With their scope of variety, Ottway The Label has something for everyone. Whether you're looking for an edgy geometrical pattern, a vintage look and feel, or even something as simple as a broad colour palette, Ottway The Label has got all basis covered. Inspired by a deep respect for nature and exploration, the Nativo collection is a carefully curated fusion of tradition and innovation. For something with a stronger vintage feel, the Blueford style is the perfect take on an early western inspired look.

If you're more of a coastal soul, take a deep sea journey with the Riverston style, where the neutral colours will leave you feeling immersed and at one with nature! Paying tribute to one of the world's oldest occupations and most uncontrollable forces of nature, the Pacific Diary Summer Collection is the perfect way to bring that ocean feeling with you everywhere you go. .

With the recent launch of their newest unisex mini collection, Ottway The Label has got you covered for Autumn and Winter with their cool corduroy shirts. Available in burgundy and cream, these additions are perfect for keeping you cosy in the cooler months.

Ottway the Label is committed to a sustainable future - with stories to be retold and clothing made to last, Ottway The Label is carving a new heritage. Explore their range here.


WORDS | Brittany Ross

IMAGERY | Ottway the Label



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