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Flowers are important right now. Not only do they have the amazing ability to change the mood of a space (just ask our founder and stylist Heidi about that!) but they are intrinsically cheerful. They bring light and colour and a little bit of freshness wherever they go.

And we could all use a little bit of cheering up right now - wouldn't you agree?

This week, Hannah got to sit down with Nicola, creator of Posy it Forward, to chat about what it is like being a small business owner right now, what she is doing to give back to her community, and how we can use flowers to pass along a little joy.

What were you doing before COVID-19 made its way to Australia?

I split my time between being a full time Corporate Travel Manager and a full time Floral Design Business Owner. I thought my career choices were recession proof - but they are certainly not pandemic proof!

How have you been impacted?

All my work dried up almost over night. I am still able to be involved in online markets, but aside from that it has been quiet.

What is Posy it Forward about?

Originally, Posy it Forward was about reducing waste. As an events florist, I hated seeing the excess blooms and foliage that would end up in the trash.

Posy it Forward started with intention to provide a flower repurposing service for events. At the end of an event, we would collect the left over flowers and deconstruct installations and arrangements to repurpose them as mini posies for them to be donated to aged care facilities, hospitals, schools and local businesses.

When COVID-19 hit, I shifted the focus to give back to people on the frontline or my fellow small business owners whose income had disappeared overnight. Posy it Forward is an opportunity to send a small posy to someone who could do with having their day brightened, while also supporting local florists and growers.

What difference can giving flowers make for someone whose day to day is on the frontline?

The beauty, fragrance and colours creates extreme happiness and gratitude. There is an emotional impact that comes from flowers; they have a long-term positive effect on moods creating a higher sense of enjoyment and life satisfaction. At times like this, mental health awareness is more important than ever. If I can change one person's day for the better, that is everything to me.

Everybody needs a little cheering up from time to time, but now more than ever. We all know someone who has been impacted by the global pandemic. A lot of us are looking for a way to share our gratitude. Posy it forward is a simple way to do this, while supporting small business too.

How can we get involved?

If you are a florist, you can apply to be a local vendor and be directly involved.

If you know someone on the frontline who you think deserves to receive a posy - or if you just know someone who needs something to brighten their day - you can send a posy directly to them.

Or, if you want to support the movement - while supporting local businesses and florists too - you can sponsor a posy for someone else!

To nominate someone who you would love to receive a posy - take a look at the Posy it Forward website or Facebook page.


WORDS | Hannah Steele


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