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After bringing regional Italian cuisine to our Bondi shores with the Icebergs Dining Room, Maurice Terzini is now expanding his uber cool brand across the shores and has taken on a whole new beachfront location in Bali.

After his first visit to Bali in the 80’s, MT is now pairing late night Napoli-style pizzas with disco beats; Maurice knows that the key to any beach party is the perfect combination of food, drinks and tunes - that paired with Bali, we know he has landed in the right place.

The design of Da Maria makes you feel like you’ve stepped out into an Amalfi courtyard. Maurice and architect Carl Pickering drew inspiration from the Amalfi coast; through their own interpretations, the beautiful outdoor courtyards that have inspired them on their travels, draw us in and exhalts our senses.

Da Maria taps into the party culture of Bali with the ‘Late Night Pizza + Disco’. You can see that Da Maria was inspired by the Buddha Bar of the 90s and great beach clubs around the world. The restaurant, like all of his dwellings, appeal to all age groups and you can see the faces, hear the laughter and chorus of conversation amongst all age groups under the one roof.

“It’s great to have a beautiful dinner and then have the option to have a dance in a place that is not in a dirty nightclub“, explains Maurice; and with the stylish surrounds engulfing you, you really could be anywhere in the world. Da Maria represents the new breed of holiday restaurants that are blurring the lines between restaurant, club and bar.

With a reputation for their handcrafted drink lists, the Bali drink list does not disappoint. Inspired by the low alcohol, Italian style of drinking, it is no surprise that his famous Aperitivos and spritz feature high on the list, standing alongside an ode to the Icebergs and The Dolphin back home. DM makes its mark with an Americano, No15 and PC1. Haven’t tried them ? Then get yourself to The Dolphin or Icebergs for a summer fling asap.

When in Bali it is your duty to pay homage to Da Maria; if you fancy more than a pizza then the pastas are absolutely a taste sensation. Working with simple, clean ingredients, the consistent, less is more approach to food and the flavours are reminiscent of an Italian Nonna's.

With the restaurants situated beside some of the world’s most magnificent beaches, they really all are worth the visit. The beachside atmosphere and summer vibes have you transported to nostalgic summer holidays that live long in the memory bank.



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