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It's not often that you are touched by a brand in every single way. It is not often that a brand stands up for a cause, lives it on a daily basis and is authentic in it's entirety. It is not often unfortunately that you get goosebumps when witnessing one mans legacy and his wonderful, inspiring heartfelt story.

Let me introduce you to, if you do not already know the wonderful world and work of Dr Bronner.

Dr Bronner's was founded in 1948 by Emmanuel Bronner, a third generation Jewish Soap-maker. He used his labels on his ecological soaps to spread his message and that we must 'realise our transcendent unity across religious and ethnic divides or perish. We are all one or None' is his Mantra and it is evident on each and every label of his products where you can read about his philosophy. He then used all his profits to further his mission and support various sustainable projects and causes. And there are many.

The Products use only the purist organic, fair trade ingredients. No synthetics, No preservatives, No detergents or foaming agents, they are cruelty free and most products are vegan and certified to the same standards as food, it is ecological and sustainable and they smell and look absolutely divine.

'Do well so you can do good' Dr Bronner.

The message resonates throughout the product range, and on further investigation into the brand and company it is clear that this family are doing good for the planet. It is a vision that is making socially and environmentally responsible products and choices on a daily basis.

There values stand for something greater then themselves. They are inclusive and inspiring and ones that I wish major supermarket chains would take notice of and live by.

1. Work Hard ! Grow!

2. Do what's right by customers

3. Treat Employees like family

4. Be fair to suppliers

5. Treat the Earth like home

6. Give and Give

These products are used in our home, I read snippets of Dr Bronner's message on the labels each morning and night. They have become a staple in our life and we love them all and I can never decide which is my favourite. I love them all equally.

I am moved by this brand, this person, this voice, this business, for now more then ever witnessing the daily destruction of our planet, the pettiness of people in our daily lives, our values being replaced by the latest fad, our voices needing to be heard over loud, power hungry, insecure bosses and politicians choosing what they think is right for us, the separation of rich and poor. I am some what soothed by this tiny daily dose of inspiration, this pep talk in my day.

It assures me that I am not alone on the journey and as Dr Bronner says "whatever unites us is greater then whatever divides us!' hear hear.

Words to live by. And soap to wash by. Pretty, rainbow coloured, beautiful, good old fashioned soap!

For your daily dose of inspiration go the the Dr Bronner's website to purchase these goodies and to read up on the inspirational work of his company and to see the entire amazing range of products.

It certainly is a wonderful legacy and I am so happy to support this wonderful cause, and be lovely and clean in the process. (in more ways then one).

Dr Bronner you are one Cool Cat.



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