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At The Life Style Edit, we love a good, honest, organic product. It's a no-brainer when it comes to what we use on our body for our beauty regimes.

Enter the 'Organic Bathroom', a shoot designed and styled around this concept so we could share with you our edit of the best.

Accessories included, we've styled the following vignettes with homewares and goods that will give you and your humble bathroom a well deserved make over. You spend enough time in there, after all.

Shop direct through the links below, and enjoy.

Loofah Bath Sponge $2.49, Eco Tools, Essentially Perfect Soaps $10 each, The Life Style Edit, Rebalancing Shower Gel $29, L'Occitane, Activating Water Essence $70, Jurlique, Dry Body Brush $15.95, Manicare, Binchotan Body ScrubTowel $29.95, Saison, Rose Body Oil $59, Jurlique, Honey Cream Cleanser $39, Erica Brooks, Koppa Baskets Set of 2 Small $328, Norr Design, Clay Bowl $19, Zakkia

Hand Towel $45, The Life Style Edit , Ghost Concrete Vase Long $39, Zakkia, Binchotan White/Black Toothbrushes $12.95 each, Saison, Anise All-One Toothpaste $12.95, Dr Bronner's, Timber Coaster $15, The Life Style Edit f(In store only), Binchotan Facial Soap $39.95, Saison, Redecker Tampico Bath Brush $49.95, Saison

Moroccan Low Storage Baskets Set of 3 $77.49, Citta Design, Acca Kappa Rectangular Hair Brush with Wooden Pins $49.95, Saison, Balancing Shampoo $33, Mr Smith, Balancing Conditioner $33, Mr Smith, Turkish Towel $79, The Life Style Edit

Natural Concrete Round Tray $49, Zakkia, Chevron Turkish Towel $79, The Life Style Edit, Seastone Wares Ceramic Dish $7.50, The Life Style Edit (In store only), Seastone Wares Ceramic Spoon $10, The Life Style Edit (In store only), The Deep Cleanse Treatment & Mask $50, Erica Brooke

Essentially Perfect Soaps $10 each, The Life Style Edit, Gava Dish Medium $39.90, Citta


Styling by Kate Leabeater



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