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Our last but in no way least Bali Travel Edit in this series covers our visit to one of my favourite places. Ubud.

If you know anything about me or have had a conversation with me, Ubud will usually be in the mix somewhere. It is where I first delved into self exploration, long before Eat, Pray, Love was even on the radar, but Ubud does that to you. It is smaller in size to most places and easy to get around, which means it is easy to explore and connect.

I have lost count of the amount of times I have visited, my memories created in Ubud are vast over the years of my life and they are all rich and filled with happiness and love. It is a blessed place.

So in knowing a place so well it is wonderful to discover new parts of it. And that is what we did on our recent Travel Edit. We were so very blessed to be invited to visit the Bisma Eight Hotel and even more blessed to be able to stay for a few nights.

On arrival at Bisma Eight, you are invited to make a traditional offering to the God Ganesha, Lord of Good Fortune who provides prosperity, fortune and success. He is the Lord of Beginnings and the Remover of Obstacles of both material and spiritual kinds, in which I gladly did, any help on that front is welcome and you know with this as the beginning of the stay that things are looking good.

On walking through the hotel you know that you are a part of something special. It really is a Luxury Boutique Hotel. It is evident in the finishes, the interiors and the staff. You are greeted by everyone on wandering along the path to your room, to the pool or the restaurant. It is a happy, quiet place away from the noisy streets and bustling markets and surrounds. It is so lovely to return home to Bisma Eight after a day out exploring.

In between shopping and exploring we had to take some time to sit by the pool to be still and take in the stunning surrounds. On one side there is tropical jungle and the other the tropical man made gardens, there is no other option then to lose yourself in the bliss of this place.

A trip to Ubud wouldn't be complete without a trip to the local markets. It is my favourite morning adventure. As the sun rises and most tourists lie in their lovely hotel beds and slowly get into the day, the balinese people are bustling at the market, selling and buying their food and flowers for the day. I totally love being amongst the morning hustle of the locals as they go about their daily ritual.

I have been so many times over the years that I see familiar faces each time I go, I love that although there are so many changes happening in Ubud, that there is still a constant that exists with the local people. It is a colourful feast for my senses and I urge you to wake up early and go an explore.

So with that said, it brings us to the end of our Travel Edit Bali. There are so many more things we would love to share with you, we could write a book with the contacts of places to go and things to see and things to do, but I am afraid this book would never end. Enjoy the images that we have provided and please be in touch if you visit any of the places we have mentioned. We would love to hear of your adventures.

A big thankyou to all of our supporters along the way. You have made the trip so special for us.

Also, the team over at Bisma Eight have just informed us that if you stay between Nov.1 2016 - Mar.31 2017,

2 night stay you will receive a 5% discount

3 night stay 15% discount

4 or more night stay 25% discount. Only available if you book online.


+62 361 4792888



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