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Looking to spice up your home? We've got you covered! What better way to add a flare to your space than with a bold red statement? Whether you're painting a wall or simply giving some furniture a bright facelift - Tint is calling your name.

“I wanted to work with a tone that is both vibrant and earthy at the same time. I have a current obsession with terracotta red so I also wanted to create something inspired by that.” - Nat Turnbull, Australian stylist

Leading Australian stylist, Nat Turnbull, has paired up with Tint to create a custom colour 'Terra 2.0' - an earthy red with orange undertones. This new collaboration is part of a series of conversations with Australian creatives, including Dale Hardiman, Alice Oehr, Bobby Clark and Victoria Zschommler - so the entire collection is completely unique (and we are OBSESSED).

"I think it’s a beautiful rich tint, but also has a really nice softness to it as well. I can imagine it looking incredible in a room where half the wall is painted or used in a beautiful striped wall as well as on objects. It pairs so nicely with natural elements, wood, stone, grey, white and metal" continues Nat

As for the name, Nat attributes its title to the colour's resemblance to Mars, with deep undertones and dusty, rusty red vibrancy. Nat explains that Terra 1.0 would be earth, so calling it Terra 2.0 is a bit of a nod to a second home for all of us if we don't look after the on we're on now.


WORDS | Brittany Ross




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