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A round up of The Life Style Edit's favourite brands, from Melbourne's Life Instyle and Denfair's first Sydney edition.

[ Maegan Brown Artwork ]



Amongst our list of favourites was Vincent Design Supply. For the past decade, Vincent Design Supply has been dedicated to bringing the best designs, from the world’s best and brightest designers to Australia. With an aim to represent high-quality products, Vincent Design Supply indulge in well-conceived, beautifully designed, and expertly manufactured products. From creative lighting & home concepts by Design House Stockholm, and beautiful tableware and durable floor mats from Chilewich New York, Vincent Design Supply have chosen the best products that you will love.

NEW from Vincent in 2018 however, is The Everyday, Vincent's very own range of furniture and accessories. Conceived, founded and developed by the family at Vincent Design Supply, The Everyday brand hopes to convey Vincent's own beliefs and ideas about design; objects that will enhance our world, not overpower it, and pieces that fit within our lives.



Cloth & Co. was another brand that caught our eye. Designing ethical, sustainable and luxury items of clothing, Cloth & Co. is on a journey to help alleviate poverty through the utilization of traditional artisan’s skills, as well as providing capacity and skills development to those in need. 

This Australian based, luxury lifestyle brand creates the most exquisite pieces, each made with the utmost of care, love and attention; they are either hand spun, hand loomed, hand dyed, hand printed or hand stitched. Their talent helps contribute to the lives of people who are in need…and we're all here for it!



From beautifully packaged gifts, soaps, candles, textile & leather accessories, rugs and stationery, the Dan300 Group have got you covered.

It all started back in 1999 when the Founder, Dani Rosen, had a range of handmade cards stuck together on the apartment floor, that brought together design, colour, pattern and passion for business. Now, Dan300 is one of the most well-known names in Australian design, with one being able to recognize it immediately for it's distinguishable palette and pattern. Lending itself to many mediums, shapes, and textures, Dan300 continues to innovate across the retail and wholesale field, constantly moving and changing with current trends but managing to stay true to its essence and familiar form and palette.



Do you ever have those moments, where you just want to take more and more of something because it's just so beautiful?

Well, that's exactly how we felt when we came across By Living. Sometimes all we need is a little bit of light in our lives…literally. We just need to give our home or our workspace a new life…a touch of brightness! By Living know that the right lighting can open up spaces and create a greater environment. With their unique range of pendant lights and distinctive homeware, you can now bring a contemporary edge to your world. Their high efficiency, and easy installation and incorporation into your home will only make you fall in love with them even more.



Wasn’t it such a beautiful feeling when you and your friend would sit and talk about your dreams? How you were both going to live together, or how you would both start your own business together and conquer the world?

Well, this all came true for best friend duo, Karen, and Amber. After graduating from Design at UTS in 2004, the best friends established Me & Amber, creating simple and beautiful screen-printed products that help people make meaningful connections within the digital age.

With a passion for timeless designs and typography, the pair creates unique and beautiful cards, notebooks, t-shirts and more, for you to share with people you love. Each greeting card in their collection is screen-printed by hand, one by one, in their Sydney studio. Their love of this process gives each card a tactile, bold and unique quality. 



There's nothing better than indulging in some beautiful and elegant Australian made furniture with stylish designs and outstanding material quality for both commercial and residential spaces. With their elegant and modern designs, Studio Pip makes sure that all their pieces are crafted to suit the every day in every space.

Made to last a lifetime, Studio Pip's original pieces emphasize authentic Australian craftsmanship. From solid timber dining tables, fully upholstered sofas and armchairs, handcrafted stools and dining chairs, exclusive side and coffee tables, all the way to innovative beds and bedsides, Studio Pip are here to give your home the statement it needs!



How beautiful is the thought that an image captured within a moment of time, can tell such a powerful and moving story?

This is exactly what Maegan Brown does.

Based in Melbourne, Maegan has dedicated her time and talent to photography, working across commercial and fine art projects with a portfolio spanning landscapes, lifestyle, still life and interiors. With an urge to create powerful and emotive imagery, Maegan tells a story and captures a moment or mood with her photography skills. Her personal fine art presents remote and other-worldly landscapes through minimal compositions which are often abstract and nondescript. Experimenting with scale, depth, and shape, Maegan’s work emulates a feeling of calm, stillness and solitary.



Fresh. Modern. Exciting. Timeless.

These are the first words that come to our mind when we think of Obodo. Established in 2007, Obodo contemporary furniture represents an exciting collection of internationally recognized furniture brands. It's the perfect way to style your home, and give it an elegant appeal.

Delivering a fresh and extensive collection of furniture solutions, Obodo have reached out to commercial, contract, and residential markets. Many of Obodo's range are contract quality and are used in restaurants, hotels, and institutions around the country. Based in Sydney, their aim is to remain as a genuine leader in the industry by maintaining a successful combination of product, service, and people.


Rhiannon Lewin and Miray Bakaroglu



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