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At TLSE, we're always looking for innovative designers (and sharing them with you, of course), and are thrilled to share our latest finds: RUBBLE and Cisco & the Sun. Between these two, your contemporary-take-on-timeless-design needs are covered.

RUBBLE is a contemporary lighting project created by a family of creatives with backgrounds in film production, food styling and architecture. Handmade in Adelaide from aerated concrete, RUBBLE really does expand the possibilities of what interior decor can encapsulate. Influenced by monolithic symbolism, natural history and Roman treasures from antiquity, these designs are a contemporary take on an ancient time period.

What was originally born as a mindfully creative project during COVID, RUBBLE was an outlet and tool for connection that naturally flourished into grew into the business it is today. With creators Max, Gillian and Jerrie-Joy being separated by border closures during the creation of RUBBLE, the trio had to communicate and collaborate virtually to develop these conceptually informed designs. Having just completed the development of a new candlestick collection, RUBBLE are preparing to release it through a collaborating shoot with talented creative and photographer, Anna Pogosova.

With a stone-age style aesthetic, the first collection was designed as a nod to Barney Rubble, with the question; 'What would Barney Rubble have in his house?' at the heart of their creative process. With this as the central point of creative inspiration, RUBBLE creates solid, long lasting sculptures intended to appeal to a timeless and functional approach to decor, combining sculptural beauty with utility. Each lamp has a biomorphic quality that adds to its uniqueness, emulating different pieces of the various backgrounds and skills of its makers.

If we had to choose...

Not that we're ones to pick favourites, but the Betty lamp has to be our favourite piece. That's not to say we aren't TOTALLY obsessed with the entire collection, but the combination of the base shape and pleated shade has got to take the cake for our favourite design.

Best known for their beautiful handmade tableware, Cisco & the Sun was created in the image of Balinese hotel The Slow's Kitchen & Bar, embodying the ethos of the space. Cisco & the Sun represents the finishing touch that creates atmosphere in a space, with an uncomplicated and artful aesthetic. With a considered, timeless and sustainable ceramic design, Cisco & the Sun's collection was designed to compliment the seasonal and simple menu and aesthetic of the The Slow, with this bespoke series intended to be perfectly imperfect.

Cisco & the Sun are best known for their beautiful handmade tablewares in earthen colour-ways. Each piece has been considered individually and created as functional works of art, that with their subtle nuances transform every table they are set upon.

“I’m passionate about what I do, I love the process and working with an idea that is constantly evolving. There is something deeply pleasing about creating handmade pieces that enrich everyday rituals - it makes every dish just a little bit tastier and every cup of tea even more treasured,” says The Slow and Cisco & the Sun co-founder, Cisco Tschurtschenthaler.

Cisco & the Sun's commitment to thoughtful design extends beyond simple aesthetics, considering the sustainable component of the process by working alongside ceramicists who handcraft the designs using ancient and mindful techniques. Using the Japanese philosophy of wabi sabi, the pieces are made in Cambodia by local artisans, using different kinds of ethically sourced clay to test and create considered pieces.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, the organic materiality and high temperature firing technique means every piece is food safe and non-toxic, as well as being microwave, dishwasher and oven friendly.

“In my family we had big table culture. My [Italian] father is a great cook, and our table was regularly shared with friends and family. The table was a daily meeting place, always buzzing with conversation. Cisco & the Sun honours these traditions, and hopes to create significance in the fabric of our every day,” continues Cisco.

So, if you're like us and totally OBSESSED with these upcoming brands, you can check out the RUBBLE collection here, and the Cisco & the Sun here.


WORDS | Brittany Ross

IMAGERY | Supplied



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