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When it comes to interior design and planning your dream home, window furnishings can be difficult to front up to. With so many options out there, it's tricky to know what will work best for your space (and not look tacky!).

Wynstan is here to solve your window furnishing woes with their brand new curtain range. With over 100 fabric options to choose from - including blockouts and luminous light sheers - and three different styles, it comes as no surprise that Wynstan was ex-Block contestants Hayden and Sara's first choice when renovating their forever home, Southhouse.

We chatted to both the experts at Wynstan and Block veterans Hayden and Sara about ways to treat your windows - and interiors - right.

How should your overall interior style inform the choices you make when it comes to window furnishings?

It’s important to know what style you are trying to achieve at the beginning of the build because it can affect everything, including window furnishings. For example, if you are going for a modern period or Hamptons feel, then you would sway towards shutters. The aim is for your house to be cohesive and not mismatched. It may be hard to do but locking in an identity from the start saves mishaps and money in the long run!

Hayden and Sara have gone with sheer - was this a design or functional choice, or both?

The reason we picked the blinds and curtains we did was for design and function. We knew we were after a modern coastal feel. We had large sliding doors that needed to be covered when we wanted privacy and we have a north facing house, meaning we also needed to control the amount of light.

We especially love the sheer curtains - when the sea breeze blows, there is something so romantic about how they move in the wind that I feel replicates the ocean. This all comes back to us setting the tone for the house and how we wanted it to feel.

- Hayden & Sara

Can you tell us a bit more about the three different curtain design styles? Where might each be used best?

There are 3 types of curtain designs on offer at Wynstan:

  • S-Wave - Elegant and understated in their aesthetic, S-Waves are a favoured choice of architects and interior designers. Ideal for creating a relaxed and soft appearance around your windows, they add a luxurious layer that works with modern interiors.

  • Reverse Box - This decorative heading has pleats sewn in for a tailored finish. Classic in design, this style creates a tidy look and a sophisticated profile.

  • Double Pinch - These classic curtains are effortlessly beautiful with a clean hang thanks to their signature waterfall pleat.

What are some important things to consider in terms of function when choosing your curtains?

There are 3 main things to consider when selecting a curtain...

  • The first is whether you’re after a blockout or sheer curtain. This will be guided by the function of the space. For example if you’re looking at a bedroom or media room, you may want total blockout, in this case you would pair a curtain and roller blind to create the ultimate hotel blockout. If it’s a living area, or an indoor-outdoor living space, you may want a sheet curtain that filters light but still lets enough light in.

  • The second thing to think about is control type. We offer wand control, hand control and motorisation, and the place where is your curtain going to go may determine which control type you’ll want to go with. If you have high ceilings, or an extra-large window, you may want to opt for motorisation, as it’s more convenient to use in hard to reach curtains.

  • The third thing to consider is the puddling of the curtain. This is how much of the curtain fabric touches the floor. Our standard puddle drop is 10mm off the floor, which is a more practical option in terms of cleaning and ease of use. But if you’re after more whimsical look, you may opt to have the fabric longer to drape on the floor.

- Wynstan


WORDS | Lucy Francis

INTERVIEWEES | Hayden & Sara, The Block and Wynstan

IMAGES | Supplied



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