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Anyone who knows us knows that Bali is like our second home (and once was to Heidi, our editor). We never need an excuse to go to Bali, but if you do, we've got the perfect one. Get your tummy ready and book your flights asap, because Ubud Food Festival is happening this April, celebrating the unsung heroes of Indonesia's culinary cultures. Forget about Nasi Goreng, Gado Gado, or Rendang, because the flavours you'll experience are far beyond anything you've ever tried.

The special thing about Bali's food culture is that it tells a story of traditions and cuisines that are rich in history (and taste!). This year's festival explores just that, delving into how the diversity of the world's fourth most populous nations plays a vital role in its culinary delights.

"For our sixth year, we want to recognise and celebrate the people behind the extraordinary flavour and evolving stories of Indonesia's culinary landscape," said UFF Funder and Director Janet DeNeefe.

The Ubud Food Festival (or UFF) runs for three days and includes cooking demos, food tours and talks, music and performance, workshops and masterclasses. Trust us, you will never want to leave this place (or the food!).

Ubud Food Festival 2020

"With the theme Heroes, we want you to meet the unsung heroes of Indonesian food, the mothers and fathers who cook their age-old family recipes at home. We want to honour their immense contribution to creating the rich flavours we all love," Janet De Neefe continues.

Every year, a unique artwork is created for the festival, celebrating and supporting Indonesian artists. This year's artwork is created by the acclaimed Indonesian artist Marishka Soekarna who is known for her playful, whimsical approach to intimate and social issues.

For the third time, the presenting partner for the festival is one of Indonesia's leading food brands, ABC, who's ethos is to always commit to highlighting Indonesia's captivating culinary world and the people behind it.

Basically, it's safe to say that the Ubud Food Festival does its part in reaching out to and supporting local crafters, businesses, traditions, and cultures, which we are all about.

"Since our inaugural event, the Festival has introduced Indonesia's complex and diverse cuisines to food lovers across the globe," Said Janet DeNeefe.

The Ubud Food Festival will run from April 17 - 19 2020 and tickets will go on sale in late February, so put it in your diary and book your flights ASAP! We'll meet you there.


WORDS | Laura Baehny



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