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Welcome to -The TLSE Apartment

With the changes that have been forced upon us over the past couple of years, we've all had to re-examine so much of our daily lives. One of the aspects we've had to reconsider here at TLSE, was the way in which we run the business day-to-day. While the workplace in general has transformed across the board, as a service-based industry working with brands on their digital output, including styled in-studio shoots, there are some things we simply couldn't opt to do online. For a lot of parts to our business it was certainly possible to go digital, but the shoots had to change. Returning back to our studio space after the lockdowns didn't feel a right fit, our team was looking for more of a hybrid work /life balance and I definitely didn't want to go back to the grind that was wearing me thin. Times have changed and we couldn't be happier that it has led us here. Introducing the TLSE Apartment.

Art work - Mediterranean Alfresco framed prints 87x122cm - Middle Of Nowhere Stripe Luca Cushion in Limonello and Spice - Weave Home

Dining Table and Wishbone Chairs- Lounge Lovers The Longbeach Mini Sofa - Lounge Lovers Candle Sticks and Candles - Black Blaze, Lifestyle Books - Hardie Grant, Cloud Bowl, Chalk - Marmoset Found Ribbed Petal Vase- Marmoset Found

We found the perfect pad, by the beachside in Coogee and transformed it with the help of some of our favourite brands into our TLSE HQ + work-from-home style office. The space is set up as an apartment, so we can shoot brands in the space. Now even when we are at work, it feels like home, and the team can enjoy a walk by the ocean, a swim, a walk to a local cafe and a view that changes depending on the direction of the wind.

We have all adapted to our new work life pretty well and the team is happier than ever, the hybrid work life that so challenged my old-school ways has become the new norm and there is no way I could ever go back. It gives us flexibility, the space to have creative thoughts, and quiet to get things done and when we come together in the "office", usually 3-4 times a week it doesn't actually feel like work. It's a fun, creative work zone where we hang out and do awesome things with people and clients we love.

We think we have found the perfect balance and we think you will agree. We are surrounded by beautiful things and when we need to shoot, the space is already set up and ready to go. One of the bedrooms is filled with work desks and the other is styled up and ready to go for a shoot or an afternoon nap if anyone needs it. Mikaela brings her cat Suki in occasionally for a visit, little Suki has kind of claimed the bedroom space for her own!

The girls go between sitting on the sofa to the dining table to their desks, no two days are the same and there is always someone in the kitchen making coffee, eating snacks, or whipping up something delicious.

Our Favorite Bed Bundle from Eva Home The most luxurious European Stonewashed Linen - LinenMe

We are absolutely in love with the space we have created and our door is always open if you want to pop by for a cheeky Rosé to say hi. Or if you would like your product shot here then get in touch and we can lock something in for you.

Hope you love the TLSE apartment as much as we do. Let us know what you think

Love Heidi, Madi, Mikaela, Emma, Kristy, Claire- Ellen and Lily