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We are looking to the time when the days begin to cool down and we welcome in the coziness that Autumn brings forth after a hot summer. We're swapping out our bright summer colours for warmer and richer tones. One of our favourites? Mustard Yellow.

The depth of mustard gives it a unique glow that draws from surrounding colour tones in interiors to create a sophisticated palette - offset by the dark timbers of handmade or antique furniture, natural straw tones of a woven jute floor rug, or punctuated with a contemporary monochrome artwork.


Here's three reasons why we're loving mustard:

1. Mustard can completely transform your space, lifting a colour scheme to new heights.

More versatile than the classic yellow, this versatile colour will tie your whole aesthetic together. For a refined look, pair it with a mix of soft browns and sandy beiges, natural timbers and crisp white linen sheets.

2. Mustard screams Autumn

If you're looking forward to the end of a hot summer like us, mustard is your tone. Not too flashy and not too dull, mustard is the perfect colour to cosy up to on those colder days you just want to spend all day in bed.

3. Mustard is bold

A must-have bright pop of colour in a feature wall, statement armchair, block-printed throw cushion or textured wall hanging, mustard is sure to elevate your space with its presence.



IMAGES | Bronte Godden @lazybonesphoto from Unsplash, TLSE



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