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XMAS Gift Guide Staff Selects: LAYLA

Hey there, Layla here!

I wear many hats at TLSE – I'm your go-to social media manager, content creator, and a genuine digital aficionado. But there's more to me than just that. I have a profound appreciation for design in all its forms, from fashion to interiors, digital design, and everything in between. What truly gets me going is deciphering digital trends and understanding consumer behaviour, then turning that insight into something extraordinary for brands to evolve.

This gift guide is my tribute to fellow design enthusiasts and digital aficionados. It's for those who want to give more than just a present; they want to offer an experience. Whether it's a visually striking gift or something that transcends the act of giving, this guide is all about sharing remarkable moments through thoughtfully chosen gifts.


1. Among Equals Bag

These bags aren't just stylish accessories; they carry a deeper meaning that resonates with my values. Among Equals is a non-profit organisation dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of weaving communities in Papua New Guinea. They use a profit-for-purpose model, ensuring that the talented weavers behind these beautiful Bilum Bags receive fair compensation. This income provides these women with financial stability for essentials like school fees, living expenses, and an improved quality of life. These bags aren't just fashion; they represent a commitment to empowering women and communities through fair trade.


2. Dinosaur Designs Vase

These Pink Dinosaur Designs Bowls are the ultimate choice for those who value both style and functionality. They make a delightful gift, perfect for the holiday season. If you have a friend moving into a new home or someone who loves setting a beautiful table, these bowls are an essential addition to their kitchenware collection. Not only do they add a dash of fun and creativity, but they also bring a touch of practicality to any dining experience.


3. House of Ivory Candles

Hand-poured beeswax candles from House of Ivory blend artistry and design excellence. Designed by Tony Assness in Sydney, these candles are more than just decor items; they are genuine works of art. A perfect choice for those who appreciate attention to detail and design brilliance.


4. Dutchi Incense

Dutchi Incense embodies the values I hold dear: creating great experiences, respecting tradition, supporting sustainability, and connecting with nature. That's why I love to include them in my Christmas gift guide; they add a touch of harmony and positivity to the season. A perfect gift for those who share these values.


5. Le Labo Fragrance

Perfume is a luxury I don't often indulge in for myself, which is why I adore receiving it as a gift. Le Labo has a collection of fragrances that are genuinely original. They are perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of fine perfumes but may not often splurge on them. A fantastic gift for anyone who values the beauty and luxury of fine fragrances.


Each of these gifts represents a piece of my heart, values, and passion. I hope they bring as much joy and meaning to your loved ones as they do to me.

WORDS | Layla H



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