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It’s all about connection here 

From the people we work with, to the products we shoot, to the audiences we engage with.

Get access to one, get access to all - our creative female team is on your side.



Heidi Albertiri

Heidi Albertiri unusually blends creativity and business.

The DNA of TLSE, is anchored in Heidi’s own values for out of the box thinking, strategy, design,  connection and collaboration, translated from her impressive 30 years in business across multiple mediums.

She has established herself as a thought leader and mentor across areas of business, strategy, styling, social media marketing and more. 

If you're looking for guidance or mentorship in business Heidi's passion for sharing knowledge & empowering others makes her the perfect mentor for individuals to grow,  thrive and realize their full potential.



As an experienced and innovative Creative Director with a passion for storytelling and brand development, I am excited to offer my expertise to collaborate with you and your team on elevating the creative direction of your brand. With over 30 years of experience in running successful aesthetic businesses and a proven track record of driving growth, I am well-equipped to work alongside your strategy and vision to cultivate a strong business identity.


By integrating creativity and strategic thinking, we can unlock new opportunities, captivate your audience, and propel your brand towards unparalleled success. I am available to come into your business and embark on this transformative journey together, leveraging our collective talents to achieve extraordinary results.. 

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