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We stand for cultivating connection at The Life Style Edit, and have a penchant for sharing when brands we know and love do the same. With three beautiful necklaces Murkani Jewellery have recently launched their Freedom Collection, a collection inspired by the international not-for-profit organisation, HAGAR.

Specialising in the transformation of women and children that have been enslaved, trafficked and abused, HAGAR helps communities heal through individually-tailored support for each survivor, with the assurance of a safe place to live and the provision of trauma counselling. HAGAR also allows survivors the opportunity to complete schooling and university degrees, through the addition of vocational skills training and job placement support.

Vietnam holds a special place in Murkani Founder and Creative Director, Kiralee McNamara's heart. Having spent the last seven years living there with her family. Kiralee's experience inspired her to support and care not only for the environment from which we live, but for the people that are in need, especially women and children.

Enter the Freedom Collection, one that makes an emotional and personal link between the consumer (us), and the women and children of HAGAR.

Earlier this year, Kiralee joined a study tour with HAGAR Australia to learn more about the organisation first hand. It was through meeting HAGAR clients and listening to their stories and the experiences of those who work in the program that cemented Kiralee's personal commitment to not only work with HAGAR as an advocate but to raise awareness and funds to support the programs in both Vietnam and Cambodia.

"I wanted the designs to represent the amazing work that HAGAR does, and the beliefs the organisation stands for."

- Kiralee McNamara.

The Murkani x HAGAR Freedom collection is now available, with its launch coinciding with International Women's Day earlier this month. A portion of all proceeds goes towards HAGAR and their dedication to the recovery of women and children who have endured extreme abuses.


Purchase your Freedom Necklace, here.

Imagery c/o Murkani

Curated by Georgia Tyszkiewicz, TLSE.



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