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Autumn Beauty Essentials

As the leaves change and the air turns crisp, it's time to embrace the beauty of autumn with TLSE's curated selection of seasonal essentials. At TLSE, we understand the importance of transitioning your beauty routine seamlessly from the carefree days of summer to the cozy vibes of winter. Our team has carefully handpicked a range of products designed to keep you looking and feeling your best throughout this transitional period.

  1. Burts Bee's Almond & Milk Hand Cream all-natural hand cream is made with sweet almond oil and vitamin E to moisturise dry skin and beeswax to help seal and shield, it leaves your hands feeling soft and creamy you wont believe your eyes.

  2. Burt's Bee's Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream While lemon oil softens your cuticles and strengthens your nails, vitamin E helps heal, sweet almond oil moisturizes, and beeswax seals in moisture.

  3. Burt's Bee's Lip Shimmer - Plum - Watermelon - Peach With all natural ingredients, like vitamin E, coconut and sunflower oils moisturise, nourish and soothe lips whilst the shimmery colour highlights them. P.S I am loving Plum for the perfect Autumn Shade

Butt Gloss by Muse

Butt gloss is made specifically for your butt’s unique needs. It’s formulated to minimise the appearance of bumps, lumps, lines, and spots. Its nourishing and nutrient-rich ingredients will leave your behind feeling silky smooth, making it irresistible to touch when you see it in the mirror.

Ella Bache

Madame Baché. was a modern woman – determined, intelligent and ambitious – who knew that improving the condition of a woman's skin could not only improve her overall appearance, it could also make her feel great and more confident about herself- If you haven't explored the Ella Bache family of products, here's our top picks to get you started.

This product, composed solely of 100% natural and pure active oils, incorporates a unique blend of Australian native Kakadu plum seed oil and berry seed complex, offering skin brightening, plumping, and smoothing effects alongside powerful antioxidant benefits. Suitable for application on both face and body, it has the potential to reduce the visibility of scarring and stretch marks.

Crafted entirely from 100% natural and pure active oils, this product features a distinctive fusion of Australian native Kakadu plum seed oil and berry seed complex, which not only brightens, plumps, and smooths the skin but also delivers potent antioxidant benefits, suitable for use on both face and body, potentially diminishing the appearance of scarring and stretch marks.

Skin-perfecting serum drops bridge the gap between makeup and skincare, using actives and antioxidant ingredients to brighten skin’s appearance and improve barrier function health while imparting subtle shimmer and luminosity to skin.

Yes Please.

If you introduce one new product into your life, let it be this. It will become the staple product you can't live without all year round.

A light and delicately textured oil that swiftly dissolves makeup and eliminates surface impurities, while fortifying the skin's protective hydrolipidic film, offering lubrication, moisturization, and a fragrant experience, leaving behind a silky-smooth, protective veil, ensuring a fresh sensation and a divine scent.

Alya Skin

This hydrating mist leaves skin feeling bouncy, firm, and refreshed, providing a boost of hydration, replenishment, and moisturization while reducing redness, brightening the complexion, and balancing the skin microbiome for enhanced radiance; it can be used on top of makeup or throughout the day for a quick pick-me-up.

Remember, beauty is not just about products; it's about self-care, self-expression, and celebrating your unique essence. As you transition from the warmth of summer to the cosy allure of winter, we encourage you to continue experimenting, trying new looks, and discovering what makes you feel radiant inside and out.

Whether it's a bold lip color, a nourishing skincare routine, or a fragrance that captivates, let your beauty shine through every season.

Thank you for joining us on this journey, and we look forward to sharing more beauty inspirations with you in the future.



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