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Highlights from the 2024 Dulux Colour Awards

In a celebration of creativity and innovation, the 2024 Dulux Colour Awards have once again captivated the design world with their selection of finalists. This year, the finialist truely showcased the diverse talent and boundless creativity of architects and designers across Australia and New Zealand. This curated selection of 83 finalists, with 34 projects shines a remarkable spotlight on the innovative and thoughtful use of colour in residential design. 


Residential Interior:

Among the finalists, 29 projects stand out in the Residential Interior category, each demonstrating an exquisite understanding of colour dynamics. Earthy tones have seen to reemerge as protagonists in interior design, with olive greens, warm greys, muted taupes, and dusky blues taking center stage. No longer confined to a single white or beige, designers are embracing nuanced shades to create depth, contrast, and visual interest within spaces. 

One of our favourites in this category: 

Lauren Egan Interior Decoration

Project: Hamilton House, Berwick. Images: Glenn Hester.


Embracing Colour Diversity:

Beyond the realm of residential interiors, the Dulux Colour Awards shed light on broader design trends shaping the industry. From the emergence of biophilic influences to the bold juxtaposition of clashing colours and the timeless allure of warm whites, Australian designers are embracing a newfound sense of freedom and experimentation. Gone are the days of restraint, as designers infuse their projects with vibrant hues and striking contrasts, breathing new life into architectural landscapes.

Our favourite depiction of colour diversity:


Project: Selby House, Selby. Images: Tom Ross.


The Rise of the Next Generation:

In addition to celebrating established designers, the Dulux Colour Awards provide a platform for emerging talent to showcase their creativity. This year's roster of finalists includes a diverse array of projects from Australia's up-and-coming designers, highlighting their fresh perspectives and innovative approaches to colour and design.

Our favourite from this category:

Ruby Shields

Organisation: Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Project: Allambee Wellness Centre.


The 2024 Dulux Colour Awards have once again showcased the ingenuity and talent of Australia and New Zealand's design community. With a diverse range of projects spanning various categories, the awards celebrate the transformative power of colour in shaping our built environment. As we look to the future, we anticipate even greater exploration, innovation, and creativity in the world of design.



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