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Introducing Sydney's Newest Dining Experience, Fauna

I don't think I'm out of place by stating Sydney's hospitality industry took a massive hit during the pandemic. Whilst lockdown only lasted a few months (ok sure, it happened twice), the lasting effects of the difficulty of hiring staff was a complaint echoed by small businesses far and wide. Fast forward to last year's Christmas Party Season and, thankfully, it seems Sydney's restaurants and bars are all once again booming! If you live in Sydney, you'll be testament to the fact that local punters are out in force and trying to get a last minute table anywhere on a Saturday night requires your 16 digit credit card number and the sacrifice of your first born child. This, however, brings with it some hot new venues popping up around town, such as Surry Hill's latest opening, Fauna.

Located in the heart of Surry Hills, Fauna is a modern neighbourhood restaurant featuring contemporary Australian cuisine. Co-owners Geraint Coles and Julia Quisibing have worked hard to create a space with warm service, familiar faces and food that is made with love and precision.

Head chef Ace Espiritu, who joined the Fauna team with an extensive background in luxury restaurants, has crafted a delicious handcrafted menu featuring Contemporary Australian cuisine, with heavy inspiration from Italian-Mediterranean cuisine. Drawing inspiration from his own Filipino roots too, Ace has worked his magic to create a menu that is still familiar to the Western Palate and features fresh and native produce and ingredients.

Fauna is set over three spaces. The front Dining Room can comfortably fit 16 people and features beautiful interiors of marble and rattan, with hues of sage and beige. Then upstairs, The Bar Room can fit 18 people and has a fully functional bar, perfect for private events. Then onto the warmth outside in the garden sun, it is the perfect location for any private events or for relaxing with friends and family, with seating for 16.

Fauna evokes a sense of connection, with custom illustrations marrying flora and fauna alike, alongside handpicked colours, tones and fabrics, bespoke furniture and service that is unmatched. Co-owner Geraint Coles says “We wanted a space that we felt people could forge a relationship with - the type of place we would want to go ourselves”.

Fauna is the perfect hidden oasis that will leave you feeling satisfied and wanting more! Fauna is open Tuesday to Saturday for Dinner 5.30 pm -12:00 am and for Lunch Thursday - Saturday from 11.30 pm – 3.30pm.

Visit Fauna at 59 Fitzroy Street, Surry Hills.

WORDS | Emma Douglass



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