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If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that home is truly where the heart is. With most of our year so far spent in the comfort of our homes, having a space that is comfortable, cosy and well suited to you has never been more important. Here at TLSE, we are always adding bits and pieces to switch up our everyday scenery, and constantly creating our ever-changing dream space. If you're like us and love giving your space a refresher, Kmart's latest August Living Range has got all of your spring-inspired decor covered, and might give you the boost of inspiration you need to bring your space one step closer to what you've always envisioned!

Inspired by the theme of wellness, this spring collection is packed full of plush textures, soft finishes and soothing colours - so you can turn your home into the ultimate oasis this coming season. Whether you're looking for those dreamy oak finishes, a classic marble twist or softer accents of blush pink, warm clay, ochre and indigo blue, this collection has something for everyone. Infused with Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics, this range focuses on natural materials like glass, rattan and wood - so it’s the ultimate update for any space; and the perfect way to create a comforting, rejuvenating and nurturing environment that your family will love.

Why not make the most of all this quality time spent together at home and design a space that you won't want to leave? Whether you’re preparing a hearty meal or baking up a storm in the kitchen with your little ones; Kmart has all the bases covered. With new cooking appliances, ceramic mixing bowls and timber utensils, everything is designed to make meal times that much easier! It’s all about family time and self-care; and the home is a key extension of that - so what better way to calm your space than with some sensory fragrances and aromatherapy touches? Or even better - add some greenery (like pot plants or artificial foliage), it's great to create a sense of tranquility, minus the upkeep!

“It’s a collection that really celebrates the Australian and New Zealand lifestyle and embraces multifunctional and

versatile design. Our Kmart customers have a great sense of style and we want to create ranges that help them

reflect this.”

Hottest picks

  • The new rattan range (which includes a cabinet, sideboard, coffee table and room screen) is super versatile and easy to style

  • The Lily quilt cover is detailed with beautiful hand drawn floral illustrations - perfect for adding an instant refresh to the bedroom

  • Each artisan hand dipped dinnerware piece comes with its own unique look and feel

  • New open wardrobe storage for the bedroom; and ‘Click’ interchangeable head solutions for the laundry are super functional and space efficient

  • Biodegradable dish cloths, expanded glass storage and reusable bottle ranges a great for those looking to live a little bit more of a conscious lifestyle

To celebrate the launch of the new range, Kmart has created its first-ever, free, four-part virtual Masterclass series on Wednesday 29 July and Thursday 30 July 2020 (we know, right?). Check out the schedule below:


Masterclass01 Room Refresh

With Aimee Tarulli & Nic Holmes

LIVE at 6:30pm AEST

Masterclass 02 – Dining

With Aimee Tarulli & Siri Thanissorn

LIVE at 7:30pm AEST


Masterclass 03 – Cooking

With Khanh Ong & Rosanne Merola

LIVE at 6:30pm AEST

Masterclass 04 – Storage Solutions

With Sally Flower, Jess Roche & Toby Nowland

LIVE at 7:30pm AEST

Register for the masterclasses here and get one step closer to your dream space - happy browsing!


WORDS | Brittany Ross




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