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Missing the daily coffee run to your favourite cafe? US TOO! Luckily, Nespresso's latest range of Barista Creations flavours are here to fill the void. What better way to cure those cafe coffee blues than with Nespresso's new range of flavours? Indulge in cafe style coffee without having to leave your home, and treat your taste buds to the new range of dessert-inspired blends - the perfect way to start and end your day.

Nespresso's new flavoured Barista Creations Range draws on the craft and creativity of the finest baristas the world has to offer, and the expertly crafted blends are designed to create the perfect balance between roasted coffee notes and the sweet indulgence of cocoa and caramel. Enjoy cafe quality coffee in the comfort of your own home with these smooth and rounded roasts that blend bold coffee flavours with warm and sweet notes - a combination impossible to resist!

Available in six tantalising flavours, the range is divided into two sections: the Original flavoured coffees and the Vertuo flavoured coffees. If you're a fan of the classics, the Original flavoured range is a sweet twist on the basics - and a great way to mix up your usual routine. For the major "sweet tooth"s out there, the Veruto flavours are calling your name. Up the ante of your afternoon treat and try out the new flavours of the range!

In the Original flavoured coffees, you can choose from the velvety Vanilla Eclair, the creamy Caramel Crème Brulée or the rich Cocoa Truffle. If you're feeling daring and wanting to try something a bit sweeter, the Veruto flavoured coffees are available in the silky Vanilla Custard Pie, the buttery Caramel Cookie or biscuity Hazelino Muffin.

Whether you're looking for a sweeter start to your day or an indulgent afternoon coffee break - Nespresso's new Barista Creations Range has got you covered!

Treat yourself and browse the new range here.


WORDS | Brittany Ross

IMAGERY | Nespresso



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