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It sounds crazy for Lamingtons and Bali to be used in the same sentence, but throw homewares store and cafe Kim Soo Home into the equation and you have a match made in heaven. For those of you that haven't heard of Kim Soo then you are missing out. Please add this to your 'Must Visit' list for your next holiday.

It’s a little bit bohemian, a little bit ethnic, classic and contemporary. Kim Soo opened in 2015 and has evolved from there to become one of Seminyak's most iconic places to visit; the space is filled with explorers and early risers sipping their iced lattes and eating their bircher bowls and french toast.

Kim Soo's home is an old Dutch Colonial building and shares its frontage with the Cafe. The store is filled with a plethora of wood, metal, textiles, stone, grass and paper, with homewares stacked layer upon layer.

The ranges within are easy on the eye, the styling impeccable and it draws you in to want everything under its roof. The team curates an unpretentious and easy look, combining the traditional with the new and delivering an exciting design focus that captures the exceptional creative skills of Indonesia.

Kim Soo is one of those places that you visit over and over, and with valet parking making it easy peasy, there is no excuse. Afternoon visits always consist of a sneaky lamington coupled with an iced latte to get me through the hot afternoon and into the evening. If you do find yourself visiting Kim Soo, please be sure to grab a few extra lamingtons for us to bring back to Oz.

VISIT KIM SOO: Jl Kayu Aya 21, Seminyak,

+62 813 5350 0985

OPENING HOURS Daily 7.30 AM – 5.30 PM




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