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We work bloody hard at TLSE HQ, so naturally we are ALL about taking a well-earned break and are always looking for our next getaway! So of course, we were pretty excited when we found Luxury Escapes.

Luxury Escapes has launched a brand new pop-up 'Holiday Lab'. Developed alongside Dr. Elise Bialylew, a certified doctor and founder of Mindful in May, this new approach to holiday planning is designed to remedy the effect of 'post-holiday blues' on Australians, and help find the perfect personalised vacation for everyone. Um, yes! Sign us up.

“As consumers engage with each experience, their responses are tracked through a custom-developed algorithm which helps to build the consumer’s personalised travel persona and profile, offering them a tailored ‘remedy’ for post-holiday blues.” explains Luxury Escapes CEO Cameron Holland.

This innovative, world-first concept of a 'Holiday Lab' gives you the chance to try out various sensory experiences, giving you a tailored and personalised holiday based on your preferences. SO COOL.

“The Holiday Lab offers visitors the chance to design their own dream holiday through a range of interactive and immersive sensory experiences, including touch, taste and sound” says Holland.

“We’re known for our team of travel experts who spend months finding the best holiday experiences, personally testing them, and negotiating the best end to end travel experiences for our customers, and the Holiday Lab brings this curatorial approach to life in a fun, engaging setting” continues Holland.

We know better than anyone that the hustle and bustle of everyday life can catch up to you, so it's important to be mindful of your mental and physical well being. (Check out our article on mindfulness here.)

Did you know that more than 98% of Australians report improvements to their mood when they have a holiday to look forward to? (So like, all of us. But we weren't surprised.) Thanks to Luxury Escapes, the Holiday Lab is designed to eliminate the confusion and complexity of determining a holiday destination, allowing you to get inspired and start planning your next getaway. With free giveaways, events and holidays up for grabs each day, what better excuse to get a taste fo your next potential vacation?

“It’s an opportunity for everyone to get a mini escape from their everyday and plan their next adventure” says Holland.

“For those who are fortunate enough, travel can be a powerful way of boosting mental health; time off work to engage the brain in novelty is a potent way to re-energise, recharge and return to daily life with greater focus and enthusiasm” says Dr. Bialylew.

“The Holiday Lab concept offers a playful way to explore what time off looks like for every individual and it was a pleasure collaborating with the Luxury Escapes team to offer a creative solution at a time of year where we’re naturally seeking out our next trip.” - Bialylew

Luxury Escapes makes finding your perfect destination as easy as the holiday itself! Why wait to start planning your next getaway? If you're a Melbourn-ite, start getting inspired and pop on down!

To find out more about the Holiday Lab, check out the website here - happy planning!

The Holiday Lab is open from February 27 - March 7 at 421 Bourke Street, Melbourne, and is open 11am-7pm daily. No need to book either! The Holiday Lab is free and open to the general public all day.


WORDS | Brittany Ross

IMAGERY | Luxury Escapes



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