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Julia Green and Armelle Habib’s new book, ‘Vivid Style in Colour', shows us how to celebrate colour in our homes. We chat to Julia about the inspiration behind the book and why when it comes to decorating with colour there is no right or wrong way — the most important thing to remember is to not be afraid!

When did the idea for the book first come to you?

Julia: After 11 years of working within interiors across the globe, we felt it was time to document our combined love of colour and offer some insight into how it has been used globally, and how to instill colour confidence in others. There is a genuine fear of colour out there - it's palpable - but the brilliant thing is that there is no right or wrong. It's all about experimenting. So we wanted to share our insights on how best to instill colour confidence with visuals and words.

I have shot with Armelle Habib for a long time, and one day, we both agreed it was time to put a bible of colour together. Armelle has travelled extensively capturing so many beautiful colourful parts of the world, so it made sense for her to compile this beautiful library, and for me to put words to it.

We're proud to now see it sit on the shelves as a best seller.

When decorating with colour, what is the most important piece of advice you would offer?

Colour is so subjective and means different things to different people, and that is what makes the world interesting! I think the single most important thing to consider is your own personal connection to the colour you are decorating with, and how it makes you feel.

Think of Colour like it's on a dial- you can turn it up and down. Bright colours can be uplifting and energising, whilst softer more muted palettes can be relaxing.

My best advice, especially if you are experimenting with colour, is to go slow. Add it gradually, and live with it. If you love it, you can add more, and turn up the dial.

Favourite colour you love to decorate with? Why? (If you had to choose!)

I would have to say green. But it's a tough one, as there are many contenders on the rainbow!

The reason I love green is for the feelings it conjures up. It represents life and energy to me, and they are the kind of spaces I enjoy spending time in most.

From top - Images 1 and 3: The home of LRNCE Image 2: The home of Smith Street Bazaar


WORDS | Hande Renshaw, Julia Green

IMAGES | Armelle Habib



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