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Imagine you’re walking through the jungle. The chirps of the birds singing to your ears softly as you walk tentatively into the unknowingness. The bold colours of stripes from the zebras and tigers painting the forest with life. The vibrant tones ensuring that this is the only true natural habitat that we should be calling life.

IKEA knows exactly what this means, and are here to spread their knowledge through their latest children’s collections, DJUNGELSKOG and URSKOG. The new jungle-themed collections feature curtains, cushions, quilt covers, rugs, soft toys and books designed to raise awareness and educate kids about endangered animals.

Designed for 3-7-year-olds, the DJUNGELSKOG collection features soft toy animals, making wonderful friends for the kids to play with. The collection also features textiles such as cushions, quilt covers, and rugs, making this range a perfect way to mix and match different styles.

Before starting on the DJUNGELSKOG collection, product developer Anna Edlundh participated in a World Wildlife Fund (WWF) workshop to gain expert insight regarding endangered species –– resulting in a beautiful tribute to nature and its diversity.

Designed for 8-12-year-olds, URSKOG collection continues the theme of DJUNGELSKOG collection, paying tribute to the world’s endangered species. The tiger, panda and other wild animals are found on quilt covers, towels and more. Not only do these special designs raise awareness about the importance of wildlife, and protecting our environment, but also brings a touch of warmth to your home.

Designed for lovers of both lovers of animals and our natural environment, Ikea has designed collections that were carefully developed using sustainable materials and production methods. 

With the DJUNGELSKOG and URSKOG collections, IKEA sheds light on the wild animals which fascinate us so much, yet face extinction in their natural habitat. With an aim and vision of educating and inspiring younger generations to be environmentally aware at an early age, IKEA hopes to bring children closer to wildlife and our planet through the products they produce. 

IKEA makes sure to use renewable materials such as lyocell and cotton from more sustainable sources, as well as polyester from recycled PET bottles to create a range that brings sustainability to life in a fun and playful way for kids.

Going even one step further, IKEA has ensured sustainability through their printing techniques. The textiles in DJUNGELSKOG and URSKOG include designs printed with an innovative pigment print technique which reduces water consumption by 30-40% compared to traditional methods. Pigment printing functions with a large washing step being skipped during the production process and is a method IKEA is using more due to its environmental benefits.

Designed for lovers of both animals and our natural environment, IKEA's new collection definitely bring out the inner jungle within.



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